In 2004, David Last and Benton C Bainbridge curated a genre-defining screening for the New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center. “Synaesthesiologists: Global Audiovisuals Now” broke the mold for motion picture festival screenings. Short A/V artworks were excerpted and blended together in a continuously flowing musical movie: a visual analog to the DJ mix.

The original website is long gone, but may be seen via the Wayback Machine (type into the search box). Here’s a link to a .pdf of the Synaesthesiologists program

From The Film Society of Lincoln Center July 2004 calendar:

“Audiovisualists David Last and Benton C Bainbridge present a wide range of work by contemporary synaesthesiologists – international artists fusing sight and sound in an exploration of visual music – from the pure abstraction of Jake Mandell and Jeffers Egan’s Slither (Berlin) to the orchestrated rality of Sein and Sequence3’s Concrete (Tokyo). New commissioned works by Damon Soule (San Francisco) and DJ Ray Dawn (NYC) bring hip-hop and graffiti-based art ever closer, while LMNOPF (Troy, NY) perform live with their own imagemaking software. The live performances continue downtown at an after-party at Rothko (over-21 only) orgranized by Lisa Hsu of Enabler Network.”

Artists selected by Last and Bainbridge:

2/5 BZ | Adam Kendall | Alex Postelnicu and Michael Rabinovich | Alexander Bohn and Jesse Stiles | Amoeba Technology | Annmarie Lanesey | Ate M Hes | Bec Stupak / Honeygun Labs | Ben Sheppee | Benton C Bainbridge and Evidence | Bernhard Gal | Bill Etra | Birgit Rathsmann with music by Solex | Chiaki and Giles Hendrix with Bitshifter | Children’s Television Workshop | Christopher Musgrave | Computer Image Corporation | C-TRL | Daniel Summer with music by Jesse Clarke | David Last and Benton C Bainbridge with Karl Francke and Bill Etra | Diana Slattery and Stephan Moore | Don Ritter | Dr. T | Dumb Type | Dyad | Elliot Jokelson with music by TV On The Radio | Feedbuck Galore | Flora von Deutschland / Wessolowski, Beatrice | George Stadnik | Greg Deocampo and Josh Pearson | Hellbender Film Projekt | Jeffers Egan and Jake Mandell | Janene Higgins with music by Elliott Sharp | Jason Scott Jones | Jeff Gompertz/fakeshop | Jeremy Slater and David Sutton | Joshua Goldberg with music by Habitrail | Kid Koala and Monkmus | Kijk & Luister | Kyra Garrigue | Leona Christie / Christina Wheeler | Luke DuBois | Madame Chao | Marshall Weber, Christopher Wilde, Jennifer Charles Orrin Bloedow | Melissa Lockwood | Michal Levy | Michel Gondry with music by Chemical Brothers | Monitor.Automatique: Timm Ringewaldt and Sven Gareis | m o s t r a (Caspar Stracke & Gabriela Monroy) | Motomichi with music by Otto Von Schirach | Naval Cassidy | Patrick Lichty | Penny Lane | Peter Shapiro | Phoenix Perry and Arnold Steiner with sound by Brian Jackson | Pleix Collective and Kid 606 | Pure/deKam | 99 Hooker | Scott Pagano with music by Twerk | SEIN and Sequence3 | Slinc | SOLU | Tenzin Wangchuk | Tesla K | The Hausofouch NYC, Giles Hendrix, Toni Dove and Chris Jordan, o.blaat | Ursula Scherrer & Michael J. Schumacher | Visomat with music by Errorsmith


THANKS to  Sherry Miller Hocking ,  Graham Leggat, Lisa Hsu (Enabler Network), Jonathan Giles,  Nancy Meli and Joe Walker, Bree Edwards, Stephanie Palmer, Elliot Jokelson, Chris Jordan, Melissa  Lockwood, Mitch Kaplan, Barbara Alcantara, + all contributing artists.

This program was made possible by the following sponsors: Bits to Bytes, DV Labs, I (*) NY, Reline, Red Stripe Beer, Three Olives Vodka , Vidvox, + Livid Instruments.

Synaesthesiologists was supported by grants from mediaThe foundation inc. + Experimental Television Center.

The Experimental Television Center’ s Presentation Funds program was supported by the New York State Council on the Arts + mediaThe foundation inc.

The 2004 New York Video Festival was organized by Marian Masone, Gavin Smith, Graham Leggat, + Cord Dueppe.


Synaesthesiologists was also presented at the 2004 Virginia Film Festival and Test-Portal 2005:

mulitimedia nightfestival on the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam

Docklandshal, NDSM-wharf, tt Neveritaweg 15, Amsterdam-North
To be reached easily by NDSM-ferry, which leaves from behind Amsterdam
Central Station twice an hour at .15 and .45

More than 30 artists from 9 countries
a number of artists present and working at Test-Portal every night
11 new media installations
running programme with videoworks selected by the Synaesthesiologists (NY)
2 documentaries
4 photographic installations
running programme with videoworks from the Arabic world
stage showing a program with a variety of expected and unexpected actions
a bar with cool drinks, beer and delicious ros