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Dafna Naphtali & Benton C Bainbridge

Duo music & video by electronic musician / vocalist Dafna Naphtali and media artist Benton C Bainbridge. Since their first performance in 2001 (and again in 2006 at Bent Festival) Naphtali and Bainbridge find ways to viscerally connect sight and sound, mixing new and (used/unused/discarded/revived) technology to stimulate heart and mind.

cathode/throat | Visuals and Vocals a program of realtime audio visual performances featuring:

First Set – 8:00
Sliding Scale Admission:
$6 for broke-ass artists (don’t worry we know who you are)
$10 for anyone else…distENDed cinema 2015 at Outpost Artists Resources
is curated by David Linton
& made possible by support from mediaThe foundation

I will present a 3-channel remix of “VHS Portraits” for the Benefit of Eyebeam on Tuesday, April 21 in NYC.

Please join chair Marcy Bloom at a cocktail reception celebrating Creativity and Courage in Art & Technology at Eyebeam‘s first ever awards benefit.

The 2015 Awards will be presented to Ayah Bdeir and Trevor Paglen. Together, their creative and provocative work demystifies public understanding of technology.

The Awards will be presented by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of Architecture & Design, Director of  Research & Development, MoMA.

The two will accept their awards at Eyebeam’s first Award Benefit Celebrating Creativity and Courage in Art & Technology on April 21st at Sony’s Wonder Technology Lab (550 Madison Ave. at 56th St.).

For tickets please click here

All donations to Eyebeam are tax-deductible.

If you cannot attend, but wish to make a donation to Eyebeam, please click here.


Jed Alpert, Emma Canarick, James Clar, Samara Daly, Ed Davis, Meghan Finnell, Leah Gauthier, Susan & John Johnson, Amy Kletnick, Steve Lambert, Zachary Lieberman, Brennon Marcano, Barney Monte, David K. Park, Tatiana & Campion Platt, Brian Rosenzweig, Ellen Sandor, Marc Schiller, Joe Versace, Alex Villari, Caroline Woolard, and Ricardo Miranda Zuniga in formation.



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The Volumetric Society Hardware Hacklab is an open space for artists & technologists to get hands-on with new technology. Hacklab supplies a bunch of hardware and a chill environment so you can hack away.

Tonight we feature a special guest, Benton C. Bainbridge,  a media artist based in the Bronx. Working with custom systems of his own design, Bainbridge creates immersive environments, interactive installations and digital time-based artworks. His visual performances – solo and in collaboration with artists of many disciplines – have been presented on 5 continents.Currently, Bainbridge is making video paintings and teaching in the MFA Computer Arts Department of School of Visual Arts. Bainbridge founded Intersection Arts, LLC in 2014 to make media art for cultural institutions and select clients, including American Museum of Natural History’s “One Step Beyond” monthly late night event.

Bainbridge’s projects which have used structured light/Kinect/RGBD Toolkit include:

-Minor Me

-Picturing You

For more information please visit:

BOGO! Special Offer for Tonight’s Event

Today only, online pre-sale tickets are buy one, get one FREE when you use the promo code MOONWALK. (First 200 online tickets only. Must purchase two tickets. Discount applied at checkout. Tickets purchased at the door are not eligible for discount.)

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Brenmar, headlinerDJ Ayres, supportDunes, openerBenton C Bainbridge/Intersection Arts, media design and visual performance

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photo: Luis D. Rosado