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This Fall has been very busy and productive for Benton C Bainbridge and collaborators, with a lot of work currently showing and more just around the corner:

• justasecXYZ #3 is currently on view as part of The Luminous Surface at SU Galleries in Salisbury, MD (last day 01NOV15), Techtonic Shift at NYC’s SVA MFA Computer Arts Gallery (open now, reception 29OCT15) and in your browser at

• Benton C Bainbridge and collaborators NNeng-M and Stephan Moore are included in the historic exhibition The Experimental Television Center, A History… ETC at Hunter College Art Galleries. Bainbridge performs 1:2:1 – improvised/synthesized/image-processed audiovisuals – with Phillip Stearns on 20NOV15.

Heat Dance (Rooftop 1) is the first release from a new series of media artworks which capture dance with thermal cameras. In this silent video, Benton C Bainbridge shot choreographer Kate Griffler on a Hell’s Kitchen rooftop, transforming her movement via the heat sensor, optical and digital FX. Media art from the Heat Dance series premiered at ALLGOLD’s residency closing exhibition at MoMA/PS1’s Printshop on 19SEP15. Heat Dance (Rooftop 1) is Bainbridge’s first edition with online art gallery [s]edition. As of this writing, there are 20 remaining of the edition of 30.

• Media art from the Heat Dance series is being remixed as part of Kate Griffler’s Reset, a new dance which premieres at REVERBdance Festival in NYC on 06 & 08NOV15.

• The Committee for the Contemporary American Dance Museum has commissioned dance media artwork by Benton C Bainbridge, to portray a choreography, composer and the dance piece they collaborated on. Moving Paintings will premiere 02-04NOV15 at Kaye Playhouse in NYC.

• Season 9 of One Step Beyond launched to a sold out house on 16OCT15. Benton C Bainbridge and his team from Intersection Arts filled the Hall of the Universe with projections, lasers and media art on the embedded circular screens throughout the Rose Center for Space and Earth while Freedom Party kept the crowd moving. The monthly party resumes in January, 2016.

Other highlights of the fall include a Eurorack a/v synth performance by Benton C Bainbridge and his 10 year old son Ezra Bainbridge-Powers as part of Modular Equinox and more very noisy music on Bainbridge’s soundcloud.



Benton C Bainbridge has opened his first exhibition with the online art gallery [s]edition. “Heat Dance (Rooftop 1)” is the first edition in a new series of dance media artworks that transform movement through thermography and effects.

Bainbridge and choreographer/dancer Kate Griffler made “Heat Dance (Rooftop 1)” in late summer on a Hell’s Kitchen rooftop. Griffler’s form is highly abstracted through the thermal, optical and digital image-processing. Her silhouetted figure dances with noise artifacts that emerge from the filtering techniques.

Bainbridge and Griffler thank Raymond Strano for the use of his ghost-detecting thermal camera.

View “Heat Dance (Rooftop 1)”