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Heat Dance (Stairway 4) is the second edition from Benton C Bainbridge’s series of moving paintings observing hot bodies in motion. Bainbridge shot Kate Griffler ascending and descending a stairway with a thermal camera in an empty theater, then filtered the video in his studio.

Thermographic technology sees only differences in temperature. A transitory heat perimeter blurs the boundaries between dancer and space; slowly fading hot spots mark the impact of warm bodies on cool surfaces. Image Processing further dematerializes Griffler’s movement. By observing the heat of bodies in motion, the series offers a primal glimpse into the original visual music: dance.

Heat Dance (Stairway 4) was first shown at the MoMA PS1 Printshop for the ALLGOLD “Commencement” exhibition in 2015.

Benton C Bainbridge: video | Kate Griffler: dance

Thanks to Seek Thermal for the camera.

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Benton C Bainbridge is showing art in 2 group shows opening this weekend in New York.

“From the Depths” is a new series of 5 unique VHS tapes, recorded in realtime by Benton C Bainbridge, showing at LDR Studio Gallery in “Rise of the S. Bx. Super Artists”

“Just a Sec” by Jeff Carpenter and Benton C Bainbridge, is Carpenter’s edition of 12 lenticular prints made from one second of Bainbridge’s 1999 live visual performance. Showing at the 2015 Holiday group exhibition at Julio Valdez Project Space

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