All posts for the month July, 2016

Picturing You & Ghost Komungobot at BIDAF: Benton C Bainbridge presented media art at BIDAF 2016, the Bandung International Digital Media Arts Festival in West Java, Indonesia. Bainbridge exhibited his interactive self-portraiture installation  Picturing You for the duration of the Fest. Bainbridge and Jin Hi Kim performed Ghost Komungobot as the featured media performance to close BIDAF 2016.
CNN Indonesia reviews Jin Hi Kim and Benton C Bainbridge “Ghost Komungobot” at ‪‎BIDAF‬ 2016

Priority Mixing at NACC: On Thursday, May 21, Benton C Bainbridge will premiere his recent analog video synth abstract series Priority Mixing. The series of abstract moire monochromes is made with a unique analog visual synthesizer designed by Dave Jones. NACC is an artist run project space focused primarily on installation and media art. The space is set as a theatrical environment, architecturally a bit dark and raw. Bainbridge is currently in residence at NACC and making video portraits. Contact Benton C Bainbridge to make an appointment.

Blind:Deaf IV: San Diego Art Institute and Stay Strange presented a group show of video artists’ works accompanied by live music performances. Dan Thorpe performed cello with electronics Bainbridge’s Contemporal Collage.

Signal to Code continues at Rose Goldsen Media Archives at Cornell University to October 14. The exhibition includes works from Experimental Television Center including Bainbridge’s 2005 collaboration with Stephan Moore “Coin-Op”.

Benton interviewed Jonas Bers about his realtime media performance and custom A/V systems design for MovingPictures.Gallery