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With only 2 weeks left of 2016, bitterly cold weather has descended upon The Bronx, so it’s studio time for Benton C Bainbridge. End-of-year projects include a new synth for laser lissajous patterns at American Museum of Natural History’s One Step Beyond, as well as further Vectrex modifications.

These are the last few days to catch “Signal to Noise”, the exhibition of art and artifacts from Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art at Cornell University, so now’s the time to visit Ithaca, NY.

Wishing you a very happy and safe holidays with your loved ones, see you in 2017!

Benton C Bainbridge
The Bronx



09SEP16 – 18DEC16 Ithaca, NY
NNeng-M Tears in Signal to Code at Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University
The latest exhibition of the Signal to Code series has just opened. The show at Johnson Museum of Art includes Tears, a media performance artwork made by NNeng-M (Brian Moran, Nancy Meli Walker, Benton C Bainbridge, and Molly Kittle) at Experimental Television Center in 1999. Sampling fifty years of video art held in the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media in the Cornell Library, the exhibition features works created in the pioneering facilities of the Experimental Television Center (ETC) in Binghamton and Owego, New York.

14OCT16 – 15JAN17 Madrid
Held / Bainbridge Observatory / Lisa Joy (W) in “Sound Art in Spain (1961-2016)” at Fundación Juan March
Barbara Held and Benton C Bainbridge have installed their generative audiovisual collaboration, Observatory / Lisa Joy (W), in this survey of sound works from the past 55 years. Held’s sonification of solar oscillations creates shifting harmonic structures over a static flute sound (coding by Ariadna Alsina). An envelope follower derives control voltages from the music to shape sinuous lines from Bainbridge’s modified video game console.

28OCT16 – Ongoing
Watch Gryphon Rue’s Benton C Bainbridge-Directed ‘Google Portrait’ Video exclusively via Village Voice.
(Coming in early 2017 – more Benton pixel painting for Gryphon!)



One Step Beyond with Kenny Dope and Eli Escobar at American Museum of Natural History. Media Design by Benton C Bainbridge / Intersection Arts. Come say hi to the Intersection Arts team and check out the new Laser Lunchbox Synth!

Barbara Held and Benton C Bainbridge performance and exhibition at Kiehle Visual Arts Center, St. Cloud State University, MN


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