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Exhibition extended through 10APR17!
Pausa at Kiehle Gallery, University of MN at St. Cloud

My media art collaboration with Barbara Held, Pausa, remains on view at Kiehle Gallery through Monday, April 10, 2017. Curated by Godfre Leung, the artwork includes 4-channel generative sound by Held and 3 of my video paintings. The moving picture artworks were made live, in New York City and Minnesota, including a performance in Kiehle Gallery for the exhibition opening.

The exhibition also includes unique art objects used to make the sound and image: the Binary Pattern Generator, and Lisa Joy (W) – a modified Vectrex and custom modular synthesizer which together make electronic light drawings.

Pausa pairs acoustic and electronic sound with realtime image processing. A unique Binary Pattern Generator creates simple rhythms that are interpreted by an A/V synthesis system, generating variations in the timbre of a live flute performance and molding abstract forms into moving paintings. Held and I co-designed the system, with custom audio software by Josep Aymi and Binary Pattern Generator by Brendan Byrne.