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BCB in a Suitcase at Confetti Machine | June 2-4, Outpost (Bainbridge performs June 4 at 8 PM)
Bainbridge performs his self-portrait through prototype Video Synths from legendary inventor Dave Jones; selfie as realtime media performance art. on Confetti Machine

ONE STEP BEYOND with TOKiMONSTA, Obey City, and Photay | Friday, June 9, 2017, American Museum of Natural History. 9 PM to 1 AM
Season 10 concludes as TOKiMONSTA rings out a year of sold-out nights in the Hall of the Universe. Intersection Arts has a few surprises planned, check back for an announcement about our special guests…

Other News:
Benton C Bainbridge has been granted an Artist In Residence studio at Andrew Freedman Home. Benton will offer video portraiture sessions to visitors (schedule TBA) and exhibit the works throughout the immense building. The media art portraits will explore diverse techniques and employ a range of imaging tools, ranging from salvaged analog gear to custom code. As a body of work, these groundbreaking portraits will capture this unique space and time on the Grand Concourse and the community which orbits around the Home.

Gryphon Rue & Benton C Bainbridge
Announcing a new realtime media collaboration:
Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge perform respectively with bowed singing saw and Lisa Joy interactive objects, built from antique Vectrex game consoles which have been modified to accept signals from small modular synthesizers. Bainbridge’s Eurorack synths generate dynamically evolving oscillations from the interconnected modules. The voltages generated by this analog system are patched into the horizontal, vertical and brightness inputs of the vector display screen. Together, the synth and CRT form an instrument for generating electronic calligraphy. These instruments are manipulated in realtime by Bainbridge to shape oscillating voltages into squiggly lines, sinuous shapes and jagged abstractions along with their synchronous sounds, by turns raw or soothing. Rue plays saw in an atypical manner to invoke the instrument’s uncanny voice, capable of deceiving the ear with alternately anthropomorphic and electronic timbres. Rue aims to provide audiences a sense of wonder and suspended disbelief, and as a byproduct of pure and electronically treated saw frequencies, to induce Flow State, an increase in alpha wave activity manifest as a sense of complete absorption.
Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge premiere performance

Ethereal Summit | Friday, May 19 • Registration 8:30am | Conference 9:30am
501 Union St, Brooklyn, NY
Bainbridge moderates the “Creators First: Art Distribution Re-Imagined for Web 3.0” panel at the Ethereal Summit in Brooklyn. Find out how artists and filmmakers are turning to breakthrough technologies to cut out the middleman and regain ownership over the creative process. Panelists include founders and users of innovative platforms that allow creators to connect with their fans and communities more intimately and directly than ever before. Lisa Joy (W) will be on exhibit. Ethereal is a culture-focused blockchain event that brings innovators in the fields of governance, impact, sustainability, community building, arts and media together with experts in exponential technologies. The day will include art installations, virtual reality experiences, keynote speakers, and panels featuring some of the most prominent names in blockchain and beyond. Discover the technologies and innovators that are ushering in the next generation of the internet, and catalyzing our transition into a decentralized world.

Lisa Joy (W) in Creative Tech Week Arts Hub

My light-drawing sculpture Lisa Joy (W) showed in a group media art exhibit in NYC at Stronger Together: Creative Tech Week, NYC Arts Hub
May 12-13
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave, Maspeth, NY 11378

On May 12-13, a joint exhibition featuring software and electronic art by faculty and alumni of computer art departments of nine area universities was mounted for the first time ever in New York City.

The two-day exhibit, Stronger Together, included a selection of electronic music performances and free Maker workshops teaching 3D printing and modeling as well as DIY electronics assembly and programming. Produced by Leaders in Software and Art (LISA) for Creative Tech Week in conjunction with Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, the exhibit celebrated the explosion of technology onto the global art and music scene and highlighted the leaders at our educational epicenters for technological innovation in the arts.

Benton C Bainbridge & Gryphon Rue perform together for the first time this Thursday at The Sump in Queens, NYC. Benton plays Lisa Joy (W), making lissajous light drawings. Gryphon plays musical saw and FX pedals.

Catch Bainbridge playing Lisa Joy before upcoming exhibitions with Ethereal and Creative Tech Week.

Watch Bainbridge’s analog video for Gryphon Rue’s “Google Portrait”

Thursday May 4, doors 7:30PM, show at 8PM at The Sump
1563 Decatur St
Queens, New York, NY 11385

curated by Gryphon Rue:

Georgia [Palto Flats; ECM-era Don Cherry triggerbeat fusion w/ visuals]

Eliot Krimsky [OP-1 only synth set, master keys & vox of Glass Ghost]

Gryphon Rue & Benton C Bainbridge [singing saw ambience & Lisa Joy signal processing]

Aaron Moore & Marcus Cummins [British percussion & sax improvisation]