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On Sunday, June 4, Benton C Bainbridge will perform realtime media on modular synthesizers at Confetti Machine this weekend in New York.

Here’s Benton rehearsing. (Caveat – he’s decided to make a totally abstract A/V realtime artwork, not a self-portrait piece)

Confetti Machine is a celebration of realtime media performance and its community of practitioners, curated by Eric Barry Drasin, June 2-4 at Outpost Artists Resources in Ridgewood, Queens. The festival will showcase the diversity and breadth of emerging media performance in NYC and beyond. Over the course of three days, Confetti Machine features 30+ performances, immersive installations, vocal choirs, dancers, generative string ensembles, and more.

Confirmed artists include: Anastasia Clarke, Brooklyn Zulu, David Linton, Naval Cassidy, Jonas Bers, Matt Romein, David and Tara Gladden, Pete Shapiro, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Fan Letters, Joshua Goldberg, Matthew Gantt, Valeria Haedo, Ulysses Popple, Jen Kutler, Brian McCorkle, Benton C Bainbridge, and Ashcan Orchestra.