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Benton C Bainbridge and Jeff Carpenter - Just a Sec (Fragment 4), 2015

Just a Sec (Fragment #4) at Dak’art Biennale | Dakar, Senegal | May 3 – June 2, 2018

Benton C Bainbridge & Jeff Carpenter
Just a Sec (Fragment #4)
, 2015
32 frame lenticular print from one second of video (plastic & ink)
24″ x 24″

Just a Sec captures one second of a visual performance in a mesmerizing lenticular print. Jeff Carpenter conceived a project to manifest video art as moving prints, turning immaterial media into physical media that “remixes” as the viewer’s head moves. For the edition, Carpenter chose Just a Sec from a 4 hour long visual performance by Benton C Bainbridge.

Few lenticulars of such temporal detail (32 frames, covering just over 1 second of NTSC video) have ever been produced.

The lenticular frames animate as your point of view changes, collectively creating a kaleidoscopic effect as they sparkle in motion. The source imagery is simple; close inspection reveals the subtle dance is actually a closeup of Bainbridge’s fingers at play in front of a light. A calligraphic, squiggly transcription of live music weaves through the fingers. The palette is inverted, so the flesh tones become a cool blue.

Just a Sec exhibits include: Dak’art Biennale, The Kitchen, Artlery, Julio Valdez Project Space, Affordable Art Fair, CoinAgenda, Andrew Freedman Home and LDR Studio Gallery