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Benton C Bainbridge at work on a video sculpture for Beauteous

My Autumn shows are falling into place! Summer vacation is over: I’m back to work with my collaborators making art for the new season.

illustration by Grace Robinson

MoMA PopRally presents:
at Andrew Freedman Home
Bronx, NY
September 7, 2019

Garden festivities 6:00 PM, performance 8:00 PM, rooftop DJs 10:00 PM
$10 advance / $15 door

Exhibition on view through September 27!

Beauteous is a site-specific, immersive theatrical takeover of the halls of Andrew Freedman Home. My media art will be featured, including video sculptures, interactive installations and AV performance.

Beauteous is a dystopic imagining of our near future that explores issues around perception, community branding, and the dynamics of hype. This post-apocalyptic science fiction tale incorporates narratives of LGBTQ subculture and hip-hop to extrapolate the cultural evolution of the Bronx into a probable future where we don’t change our present headlong dash to disaster. Guests will experience theatrical vignettes, musical performances, and art installations set amidst the faded glamor of a Gilded Age mansion located on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

The evening will commence with food and music in the garden and culminate on the mansion’s rooftop with a dance party hosted by Pauli Cakes & DJ She Marley Marl, featuring DJ sets by Bronx natives. Dance the night away to the sounds of BRUJAS and friends with DaDa Coz and gnarianna, DJ Red Alert, and Grandmaster Caz.


Craig muMs GrantAndre RoyoMike CarlsenMorgan McGuireToni Ann DeNobleJennie WestTamara Williams, Jeorge Bennett WatsonTasha DougéEquiano MosieriD-BlackTony Parent


Sho KonishiVeronica LeeHana HolquistTJacob HookerXiang GuAlexandra RiddleVidemus OmniaSubin HahnAmi ParkYiwei WuKatya AkumaLenny Vuitton


Katya AkumaElia Alba ,Gabe AielloBenton C Bainbridge, David CavalieroAbigail DevilleTasha DougéXavier FigueroaVanessa GermanTrokon NagbeNiyi OlagunjuJennie WestNatalie Collette WoodMeguru Yamaguchi


Benton C Bainbridge, Joe BlensKelly LUZE CovingtonAlice MizrachiRobert Owusu IIIJess Valoris



Held / Bainbridge: Observatory / Lisa Joy, installation view in El giro notacional at MUSAC

Barbara Held / Benton C Bainbridge: Observatory / Lisa Joy
in El giro notacional
at MUSAC: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León
León, Spain
Through September 15

My media artwork collaborative installation with Barbara Held has been generating ever-changing light drawings and sound all year long, but all good things must move along to the next show. There’s just a few weeks left to catch this wide ranging group exhibition presenting experimental scores.


August 15–October 31, 2019
Parrish Art Museum
Water Mill, NY

My sound art is part of an outdoor installation presented by OptoSonic Tea and Corinne Erni.

Standing outside the Tate Modern, I recorded a monolog for this 8-channel continuous sound installation positioned at the exterior of the Parrish Museum’s north entrance.

Participating artists:
Benton C Bainbridge, Marcia Bassett, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Kit Fitzgerald, Andy Guhl, Shelley Hirsch, Chika Iijima, Chris Jordan (cj), Katherine Liberovskaya, LoVid, Laura Ortman, Ursula Scherrer, Michael J. Schumacher, Emma Souharce, Shane Weeks


Platform: OptoSonic Tea at The Parrish
September 27, 7-11 pm
$12 | Free for Members, Children, and Students

In late September, I’ll join 18 other artists to present an audiovisual installation/performance, dispersed amongst the galleries of the Museum.

VISUAL ARTISTS: Benton C Bainbridge, Bradley Eros, Andy Guhl, Kit Fitzgerald, Asi Föcker, CHiKA, Chris Jordan (cj), Katherine Liberovskaya, LoVid (Kyle Lapidus and Tali Hinkins), and Ursula Scherrer.
SOUND ARTISTS: Marcia Bassett, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Shelley Hirsch, Laura Ortman, Emma Souharce, Michael J. Schumacher, Keiko Uenishi, and Shane Weeks.