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As we enter the second month of the year, I’m looking back at some 2019 highlights and forward to 2020 visions.

Rue Bainbridge

Hauser & Wirth L.A.

photo: Russell Salmon

2019 began with our sold-out Rue Bainbridge show at Hauser & Wirth L.A.—the closing event for the Calder: Nonspace exhibit.

Index Festival at Hepworth Wakefield Museum

photo: David Lindsay

In mid-2019, Index Festival presented Rue Bainbridge at Hepworth Wakefield UK.

Pace Gallery

photo: Lingfei Ren

In the Fall, Rue Bainbridge opened the new Pace Live space in New York with another sold-out show. At Pace Gallery, we premiered a new stage design, developed in residency at CultureHub in the summer.

Nam June Paik & Shigeko Kubota Video Art Prize

Norman Ballard introduces Rue Bainbridge at the Paik/Kubota loft

Also in 2019, Rue Bainbridge was awarded the inaugural Nam June Paik & Shigeko Kubota Video Art Prize. It is an honor to be selected by Director Norman Ballard and the Board for this award. The Foundation is involved in many activities including restoring Shigeko Kubota’s video sculptures, collaborating and staging exhibitions, and preserving the site of Paik and Kubota’s loft in SoHo. 


2020 is off to a great start with the premiere of our latest artwork, Rue Bainbridge: Biome

Biome marks a departure for Rue Bainbridge: improvised sounds and images heavily layered in post-production yield a deep sonic space and light figures interacting in a dark field.

Overlapping rhythms form a vocabulary of shapes suggestive of organic life. Protozoa, free-living and parasitic. Primordial soup in a fishbowl. Tesla experiment gone awry, infinity donuts baked to oblivion. The dance of electricity. Bacteriophage tendrils in tiny sockets. A chirp-and-response with Brakhage’s Mothlight. The spineless levitation of a gloopy amoeba.

Drawn in the “blueberry blood” of a monochrome cathode ray tube, this sound and light drawing was created from feedback and human touch.

Rue Bainbridge in Roulette Mixology Festival

Testing our scrim at Roulette

Rue Bainbridge perform in Mixology Festival at Roulette, Brooklyn on February 20, 2020. Curated by its founder, David Weinstein, Roulette’s 29th annual Mixology Festival is organized around the theme of psychedelia. Music and media performances revisit the virtues of visceral imagination in the form of enlightened vision, sonic illusions, and collective synesthesia. Moving beyond the clichés of drug culture, the Festival seeks to induce sustainable euphoria through a transformative groove. Roulette’s annual festival focuses on new and unusual uses of technology in music and media arts. The Festival has, since 1991, boldly embraced both the successes and struggles of gadgets in the service of innovation.

Get tickets for Rue Bainbridge at Roulette Mixology Festival 20FEB20


Observatory/Lisa Joy at MUSAC, León

Curators José Iges and Manuel Olveira included Barbara Held / Benton C Bainbridge: Observatory / Lisa Joy in the show “El giro notacional (The Notational Turn)” at MUSAC (Museum de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León).

Observatory / Lisa Joy was first shown as part of “Escuchar con los ojos: Arte sonoro en España, 1961-2016”, a group exhibition of Spanish Sound Art from the past half century at the Juan March Foundation in Madrid in 2017.

Casiverde at La Place, Barcelona

Curator Mayssa Fattouh selected Benton C Bainbridge & Barbara Held’s video sculpture, Casiverde, for a 2019 exhibit at La Place in Barcelona.

Casiverde emerged from residency sessions at CultureHub for Pausa—an ongoing series of artworks and performances for flute, digital sound and analog video synth. Casiverde is realized as a 4-channel media artwork of analog-synthesized video with stereo acoustic and computer sound, presented as digital media “fingerprinted” via artHash.

Portrait of Barbara Held at CADAF | Miami Art Week

Bainbridge/Held: frames from Portrait of Barbara Held, 2019

Bainbridge and Held premiered a new digital media artwork in CADAF at Miami Art Week. Portrait of Barbara Held is a single channel video portrait in which Held is both subject and co-creator. The Portrait was created at Andrew Freedman Home with flute, custom audio processing software and video synth.

Benton C Bainbridge

Video sculptures

In 2019, I continued my series of CRT video sculptures that began the previous years with works like Lisa Joy, Casiverde and Life-Size Allyssa Jill. Two of these sculptures premiered during Miami Art Week at CADAF: Tiny Hands Big Tie and Building a Pyramid with Bare Hands. Tiny Hands is my attempt to understand how POTrumpUS hypnotizes us by live-processing two of his speeches at the same time. Pyramid is a collaboration with my fellow artists-in-residence at Andrew Freedman Home: Andre Trenier, Dr. Drum, Jennie West, Luze, Meguru Yamaguchi, and Tasha Dougé. Two other video sculptures, Fake Flag and Beauteous, premiered in the sold-out MoMA PS1 PopRally at Andrew Freedman Home.

Benton C Bainbridge: AImurica, 2019 (studio view)
Benton C Bainbridge: Fake Flag, 2019 (studio view)

Fake Flag, my 24 CRT video sculpture, will be included in an upcoming exhibition at peer to space. Details TBA…

Bainbridge on The Gift

2020 kicked off with a short documentary about me and my media art.

#Zuckerfree #2020

As of New Year’s Day, I have deleted all Facebook + Instagram accounts. Let’s connect outside the Zuckerbubble! I’ve expanded my maillist to include snail mail; please add your info if you’d like to receive the occasional update or postcard.

Intersection Arts

Second annual Halloween at Union West (photo: Raison Rivas)

My commercial studio projection mapped Tao Downtown’s Quan Yin statue for The Weeknd camo-themed birthday party. For Halloween, Intersection Arts projection mapped two parties: Heidi Klum’s annual at Cathédrale and the second annual Union West blowout.