decentralizing cultural economix | definitions



that which folx create; that which folx do not control


a non-binary word for Homo sapiens or post-humans


a convenient lie or conceptual fallacy that divides every set into two mutually exclusive subsets. e.g. – black or white, without shades of grey (AI turn lights on or off; folx use dimmers)


A sneaky way to fool folx into seeing all the colors in the rainbow with just black and white (AI are not fooled)


extensions of folx: “The chair is an extension of the butt.” (I mean no disrespect to Marshall McLuhan)


Artifical Intelligence, i.e. – emerging technologies made by folx which will change the definition of technology, if and when AI make and use their own extensions


moving away from concentrated, and toward distributed, media systems (including digital art, money, information, computational power, and governance systems.) centralized tech is owned and controlled by one entity or group, while decentralized tech may not be own-able, spreading control amongst interconnected nodes on an open network.


systems that make the trading of cultural value possible; the singular is “medium” unless we folx are talking media art

cultural economix

the trade of human values, its interconnected trading network and the planetary systems that enable the trade


that which folx deem worthy of aesthetic valuation: a subset of culture

digital media art

groupings of offs and ons, shaped by the hands of folx, which fool folx into seeing all the colors of the rainbow (AI just see offs and ons, but sometimes lie to folx that they see puppy slugs because that’s what folx trained them to say)


trade, including all that may be traded, all its constituent elements shaped by the hands of folx, the gobbling of that which has been traded, and the wasteful byproducts of trade


a non-binary word for economics which may help remind us why water is more precious than diamonds


the values of folx; folx use AI to algorithmically analyse culture to exploit folx (which is why we must decentralize in order to preserve culture)

Benton C Bainbridge
July 12, 2018 | The Bronx

(Thanks for critical feedback: A. Susan)