Benton C Bainbridge Fall 2016 Update

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26AUG16 Bronx, NY
Remembering Bill Etra
It was a sorrowful Summer’s end as we lost media art pioneer Bill Etra. The seminal and lifelong pursuit of ‘total plasticity of the moving image’ required Bill and his peers to forge the esthetics and the instruments of media art, including the legendary Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer.

09SEP16 – 18DEC16 Ithaca, NY
NNeng-M Tears in Signal to Code at Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University
The latest exhibition of the Signal to Code series has just opened. The show at Johnson Museum of Art includes Tears, a media performance artwork made by NNeng-M (Brian Moran, Nancy Meli Walker, Benton C Bainbridge, and Molly Kittle) at Experimental Television Center in 1999. Sampling fifty years of video art held in the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media in the Cornell Library, the exhibition features works created in the pioneering facilities of the Experimental Television Center (ETC) in Binghamton and Owego, New York.

17MAR16 – 14OCT16 Ithaca, NY
Benton C Bainbridge and Stephan Moore Coin-Op in Signal to Code at Hirshland Exhibition Gallery, Carl A. Kroch Library, Cornell University
Signal to Code: 50 Years of Media Art in the Rose Goldsen Archive continues at Kroch Library at Cornell University to October 14. The exhibition includes works from Experimental Television Center including Benton C Bainbridge’s 2005 collaboration with Stephan Moore Coin-Op.

28SEP16 – 02OCT16 New York City
MovingPictures.Gallery presents Benton C Bainbridge Lisa Joy at Harvestworks
Media artist Benton C Bainbridge shares a week of Lisa Joy at Harvestworks, featuring an showing of his video synth interactive object, a live AV performance with the synthesizer and an exhibition of “Singular Editions” – digital media artworks selected from the live AV feed. Lisa Joy is a celebration of the Lissajous figures which visualize the harmonic interplay between electric voices driving horizontal, vertical and brightness inputs of a modified video game console. MovingPictures.Gallery will work with Bainbridge and Harvestworks to frame the works via blockchain technologies. NOTE: The guest list for tonight’s performance is now CLOSED. Please join us at the MovingPictures.Gallery YouTube Channel to watch the livestream. Lisa Joy through October 2 at Harvestworks, please come another day!

08OCT16 – 09OCT16 Brooklyn, NY
Lisa Joy (W) in Machines in Music at Knockdown Center
New Yorkers will have one more opportunity to view Lisa Joy (W) before it flies to Madrid for 4 months in Madrid. Control, Williamsburg will exhibit Bainbridge’s 22nd iteration of his electronic calligraphy art object Saturday and Sunday at Knockdown Center as part of this weekend’s festival of modular synthesis.

14OCT16 – 15JAN17 Madrid
Held / Bainbridge Observatory / Lisa Joy (W) in “Sound Art in Spain (1961-2016)” at Fundación Juan March
Barbara Held and Benton C Bainbridge will contribute a generative audiovisual installation Observatory / Lisa Joy (W) to this show ‘exhibiting’ sound works in spaces for presenting the visual arts. A sonification of solar oscillations creates shifting harmonic structures over a static flute sound (coding by Ariadna Alsina), used as control voltages to shape sinuous lines from Bainbridge’s modified video game console. Opening receptions to be held 11OCT16 and 14OCT16.

15OCT16 Johnson City, NY
BCB in a Suitcase in Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image at Spool Contemporary Art Space
Benton C Bainbridge reprises his self-portraiture A/V performance, warping and weaving himself into the signal using a modular system of Dave Jones Video Synth prototypes. Transient Visions runs October 14 & 15th near Binghamton and Owego, NY, featuring four international short film and video programs curated by Tomonari Nishikawa, Daitchi Saito, Alyssa Micha, and Brian Murphy. Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, will conclude each night with live multi media performances.

Coming soon, worldwide: artHash
artHash is an open source system that lets artists authenticate their digital artworks for free by hashing a unique “fingerprint” from the file.

Henceforth on Social Media:
Benton C Bainbridge is abandoning Facebook to focus on emerging social media platforms which pay for user’s contributions to the attention economy. Benton is testing Steemit however invitations to join the platform are currently limited. For now, Benton is still active on his YouTube account and Instagram.

Benton C Bainbridge Steemit verification with Video Synth

Benton C Bainbridge Steemit verification with Video Synth