Bainbridge/Griffler: “Heat Dance (Rooftop 1)” opens on [s]edition

By October 16, 2015 Exhibition

Benton C Bainbridge has opened his first exhibition with the online art gallery [s]edition. “Heat Dance (Rooftop 1)” is the first edition in a new series of dance media artworks that transform movement through thermography and effects.

Bainbridge and choreographer/dancer Kate Griffler made “Heat Dance (Rooftop 1)” in late summer on a Hell’s Kitchen rooftop. Griffler’s form is highly abstracted through the thermal, optical and digital image-processing. Her silhouetted figure dances with noise artifacts that emerge from the filtering techniques.

Bainbridge and Griffler thank Raymond Strano for the use of his ghost-detecting thermal camera.

View¬†“Heat Dance (Rooftop 1)”