Xavier Figueroa | Benton C Bainbridge : Meeting Point at Barcid Gallery

By July 22, 2017 Exhibition


Meeting Point, an exhibition by Benton C Bainbridge and Xavier Figueroa, consists of generative new media and mixed media structural installations as well as print work. The pieces work together to challenge the idea of physical/digital space and its manipulation through human interaction. The use of cameras, sound responsive modules, and projections allows the audience to become fully immersed and aware of how their bodies can alter the artworks.

– Curatorial Assistant: Ashara Renfroe


Xavier Figueroa | Benton C Bainbridge : Meeting Point
26JUL – 30AUG17, Monday – Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM or by appointment.
Reception: Wednesday, 02AUG17, 6-9 PM
Visit Barcid Gallery at Andrew Freedman Home:
1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10467, USA
D or 4 train to 167 Street. 1 block North of Bronx Museum



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Works include:

Benton C Bainbridge: #PERSIST, 2017. Generative and responsive audiovisuals from a modified video game console and modular synth displayed on a stack of CRTs.

Benton C Bainbridge: Double Mirror, 2017. A camera captures works by Xavier Figueroa as well as gallery visitors, transforming them with responsive imagery on two flatscreens.

Jeff Carpenter & Benton C Bainbridge: Just A Sec (Fragment 4), 2001. Carpenter’s ultra-high resolution lenticular print of 1 second of video made live by Bainbridge with his bare hands.

Xavier Figueroa: Truss, 2017 and Benton C Bainbridge: Pixel Kiss, 2017. Figueroa’s mixed media sculpture’s translucent and opaque surfaces are painted by Bainbridge’s Video Synth projection mapping.

Xavier Figueroa: Jut, 2017 and Overhang, 2017. These two wall pieces extend the wood and mesh motif of Truss.