Dafna Naphtali – Benton C Bainbridge : Vocal and Visual Performance at cathode/throat

By April 22, 2015 Event

Dafna Naphtali & Benton C Bainbridge

Duo music & video by electronic musician / vocalist Dafna Naphtali and media artist Benton C Bainbridge. Since their first performance in 2001 (and again in 2006 at Bent Festival) Naphtali and Bainbridge find ways to viscerally connect sight and sound, mixing new and (used/unused/discarded/revived) technology to stimulate heart and mind.

cathode/throat | Visuals and Vocals a program of realtime audio visual performances featuring:

First Set – 8:00
Sliding Scale Admission:
$6 for broke-ass artists (don’t worry we know who you are)
$10 for anyone else…distENDed cinema 2015 at Outpost Artists Resources
is curated by David Linton
& made possible by support from mediaThe foundation