On April 7, 2021, de Young Museum’s Virtual Wednesdays is pleased to present Rue Bainbridge: Wintering, a sound and light drawing performance and discussion with Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge.

In the throes of winter 2021, Rue Bainbridge met in person to work together for the first time since their pre-pandemic performance at Roulette Intermedium; a one-year-to-the-day hiatus. The artists occupied an abandoned restaurant in Tribeca, NYC. A lack of heat forced the artists to work in the mechanical room, caked with dust and rattled by street traffic overhead. In preparation for broadcast, Rue Bainbridge divided the space with a large scrim and installed a bespoke feedback system. Cathode-ray tubes—doubling as furniture—showed live feeds of the artists playing their modified instruments while bathing in sound and light.


About Rue Bainbridge

Rue Bainbridge, the media art duo comprised of Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge, explores the intersection of expanded cinema with experimental music in relation to specific sites and audiences. Their work can be viewed as a live conversation between a sound artist and video artist. The project has been supported with residencies at spaces in transition: an Italianate palazzo that housed formerly wealthy seniors, an 18th century hotel favored by rock stars, and an officer’s house on a former military island. Rue Bainbridge have been presented by Foreign Domestic, Center for Visual Music, Public Works Department at Governor’s Island, and Hauser & Wirth L.A. Projects are realized as immersive audiovisual performances in custom installations, and yield single channel artworks with decentralized provenance.

Gryphon Rue (saw, vocals, percussion, FX) is a sound experimentalist, composer-performer, and curator in the field of audiovisual culture.

Benton C Bainbridge (Lisa Joy video synthesizer) is a media artist working with custom digital, analog, and optical systems of his own design.

Rue Bainbridge video artworks are distributed by The Film-Makers’ Cooperative Awards 2019. Rue Bainbridge is the inaugural recipient of the Nam June Paik and Shigeko Kubota Video Art prize Performance-Installations 2020. Roulette Mixology Festival (New York) 2019. Pace Gallery (New York), The Hepworth Wakefield (Wakefield, England), Hauser & Wirth (Los Angeles) 2018. Shigeko Kubota Video Art Foundation (New York), Averard Hotel (London), SET (London) 2017. Public Works at Governor’s Island (New York), Andrew Freedman Home (New York), HOLO (New York), Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum (New York) Network Performances / Screenings 2021. de Young Virtual Wednesdays (San Francisco / online) 2020. Vector Hack Festival (Rijeka, Croatia / online) 2020. New Media Art & Sound Summit with Experimental Sound Studio (Austin / Chicago / online) 2018. Center for Visual Music (Sonoma State University) Residencies 2019. CultureHub (New York) 2018. PublicWorks at Governors Island (New York) 2017-2020. Andrew Freedman Home (Bronx) Bibliography Holzer, Derek. Vector Synthesis: a Media Archaeological Investigation into Sound-Modulated Light, 65. Helsinki: Macumbista, 2019.

Rue Bainbridge: Wintering

Gryphon Rue- voice, saw, synths, pedal Benton C Bainbridge- Lisa Joy (light drawings) Assistance: Fiona Kane, Nate Bracamontes Thanks: Holton Rower, Alexander S.C. Rower, Jose Esquinea, Paul Caro, Max Nova, Andrew Freedman Home

Rue Bainbridge premieres a new work at Vector Hack Festival, taking place this weekend in Croatia and streaming online!

A frame from Rue Bainbridge: Iner Plats


Rue Bainbridge: Iner Plats, 2020

Constellations in Motion, Hiding in Plain Light

To look at the night sky, you’d never know we’re in the midst of pandemic. City lights blaze—and music blasts—in defiance of death. The light pollution blots out all but the brightest objects. Ray said, “We should declare a holiday from light.”

Bicycling through the revelry in The Bronx with Raison Rivas, we saw two bright beacons in the sky; so bright, I thought they were planets. My phone taught us that both are part of Ophiuchus, actually binary stars, and close – Sabik is only 88 light years away, Yed Prior, 171. 

Gryphon Rue and I discuss what we see in our work – what does it evoke, what did we invoke? Looking back at this AV improvisation with a half-year’s hindsight, we can see the moving constellations that were hiding in the light. Windstorms, sonar, insects, atoms/particles; above all, a space dreydl dominates the inner and outer space that we experience in this work. In Yiddish, “outer space” is oysveynixt plats; “inner space” is iner plats. We’re spinning the space dreydl to celebrate the miracle of speeding light particles that time does not extinguish. 

Vector Hack Festival is dedicated to experimental vector graphics. Large parts of the program will be available online via webstream at www.youtube.com/c/VectorHackFestival/.

Vector Hack Festival will feature researchers, developers, and performers from around the world as well as from the strong regional scene of Italy, Austria and Croatia. This unique combination of community meeting, conference, and international arts festival will again bring together practitioners in the field of laser and oscilloscope art for talks, workshops and live performances. It is a chance to experience audiovisual works which employ unusual, analog, and sometimes obsolete display technologies, and to bathe your eyes in a different kind of light. Experimental vector graphics artists use lasers, analog oscilloscopes, old video game consoles, mechanical drawing machines, and other equipment to produce images using an X, Y, and Z coordinate system. They often feed these display devices with elaborate handmade electronic synthesizers, complex custom-made software, or other experimental instruments of their own design. The resultant images are sinuous, intensely energetic, and radically different from what’s seen on a digital screen!


“Lisa Joy” – Benton C Bainbridge’s light drawing instrument used to make Iner Plats


Rue Bainbridge setup at Roulette Intermedium, NYC. Photo: Chris Jordan

Benton C Bainbridge in his video synth studio, photo by Corinne Laurice PulicayPhoto: Corinne Laurice Pulicay

I’ve made media art for every song on Howling’s latest album, Colure—13 live performances on my video synthesizers, made while sheltering in place during pandemic.

The original artworks are released as Singular Editions. The series includes single-channel artworks and synchronized installations incorporating as many as 9 channels.

Ninja Tune has released thirteen videos adapted from the series of artworks. Here’s the playlist:

Benton C Bainbridge video art for Howling: Colure

Here are frames from all 13 video paintings, selected by Ry X:

Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Ellipses I", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Ellipses I
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Pieces", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Bind", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Healing", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Dew", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Need You Now", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Need You Now
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "The Water", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
The Water
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "The Light On", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
The Light On
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Phases", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Mother Mother", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Mother Mother
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Body Inside", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Body Inside
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Lover", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Benton C Bainbridge: Howling, "Ellipses II", 2020, HD digital media (detail)
Ellipses II

Like most of us on Spaceship Earth, I’m going a little stir crazy. While working on my studio tan, I’m making new work with my video synths and digging through my archives. I’ve posted some videos to amuse you, soothe you, or just confuse you. #StayHome and healthy!

Howling: Healing, Need You Now, Bind and Phases are the first four of 13 videos I’m making in my home video synth studio—one for each track on the new album, ‘Colure’, coming 24 July on Counter Records.

Rue Bainbridge, the media art duo of Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge, intersect expanded cinema with sonic art. Bainbridge plays a hacked game console to generate light drawings. For Rue, these glowing patterns become a score, with visual rhythmicity suggesting electro-acoustic events.

Alone Together is a networked media performance by Rue Bainbridge. The artists improvised together, alone in their home studios, via webcam conferencing software.

Rue Bainbridge: Here Come The Wormholes is excerpted from a rehearsal for a performance at The Hepworth Wakefield Museum, England, on 31 July 2019, presented by The Art House for Index Festival.

Barbara Held & Benton C Bainbridge: Tearing Through, 2018
Benton C Bainbridge & Barbara Held: Tearing Through

Bainbridge & Held premiere their latest media artwork with Experimental Intermedia NYC SCREEN COMPOSITIONS Edition #16 curated by Katherine Liberovskaya, 2020

For its 16th edition Screen Compositions brings you again without fail a collection of inspiring and inspired intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuring collaborations by: Benton Bainbridge / Barbara Held; Nathalie Bujold / Michel Langevin (Voivod); Alexandra Dementieva / Guy De Bièvre; Bradley Eros / Lea Bertucci; Muyassar Kurdi / Ka Baird; Katherine Liberovskaya / Phill Niblock; Geoff Matters / Mike Lerner; Eiichi Tosaki & Jutta Pryor / Hitomi Honda; Twin Automat (Irini Karayannopoulou+Sandrine Cheyrol) / Yannis Saxonis; Adriana Vila Guevara / Alfredo Costa Monteiro

Screen Compositions is freely viewable online for your enjoyment during isolation days.

Sprouts, Grapes, Artichokes is one of Benton C Bainbridge‘s earliest works made at Experimental TV Center, using Korg MS-20 with Dave Jones Sequencer and other custom video synths by Dave Jones Design.

Lord Knows Compost rehearses My President, My Nixon at The Farm in San Francisco, circa 1995.

“The most exuberantly live of all live video works are those by Stackable Thumb. Their events are more like concerts, or as they say, vaudeville shows, than video projections. Perhaps this reflects these artists’ relative analog bias. In performance, Valued Cu$tomer and Naval Cassidy perform manic actions, such as burning small objects or destroying them on a grinding machine. At the same time they use tiny Internet cameras to shoot close-ups of these actions, their own bodies, and a dizzying array of trash props. (Like Rosenzweig and Le Maitre, they jealously guard their garbage collection and bring it to each performance; this can cause problems at international borders.) The performance is already quite heady even before images are projected, and even includes an olfactory dimension when they burn plastic or grind dessicated citrus fruit. The resulting images are synthesized and mixed live using the aforementioned low-end synthesizers and wedding video switchers. At the same time music is mixed and performed live using a digital audio sampler. Images are projected behind the performers, so the audience has the choice whether to watch the artists producing them (for example, with a camera millimeters away from a melting honey bear or inside someone’s mouth) or to gaze at the bear’s curvy pastel silhouette, mixed on-screen with an exercise video, while hearing a feedback loop of polkas.” from “Live Video” by Laura U. Marks in The End of Cinema as We Know it: American Film in the Nineties by Jon Lewis pp 312-313

Right Right Now Now on Vh1 Hip Hop Honors is one of my favorite TV performances with Beastie Boys, using my “Radio Shack” gear to make “artMag”.

As we enter the second month of the year, I’m looking back at some 2019 highlights and forward to 2020 visions.

Rue Bainbridge

Hauser & Wirth L.A.

photo: Russell Salmon

2019 began with our sold-out Rue Bainbridge show at Hauser & Wirth L.A.—the closing event for the Calder: Nonspace exhibit.

Index Festival at Hepworth Wakefield Museum

photo: David Lindsay

In mid-2019, Index Festival presented Rue Bainbridge at Hepworth Wakefield UK.

Pace Gallery

photo: Lingfei Ren

In the Fall, Rue Bainbridge opened the new Pace Live space in New York with another sold-out show. At Pace Gallery, we premiered a new stage design, developed in residency at CultureHub in the summer.

Nam June Paik & Shigeko Kubota Video Art Prize

Norman Ballard introduces Rue Bainbridge at the Paik/Kubota loft

Also in 2019, Rue Bainbridge was awarded the inaugural Nam June Paik & Shigeko Kubota Video Art Prize. It is an honor to be selected by Director Norman Ballard and the Board for this award. The Foundation is involved in many activities including restoring Shigeko Kubota’s video sculptures, collaborating and staging exhibitions, and preserving the site of Paik and Kubota’s loft in SoHo. 


2020 is off to a great start with the premiere of our latest artwork, Rue Bainbridge: Biome

Biome marks a departure for Rue Bainbridge: improvised sounds and images heavily layered in post-production yield a deep sonic space and light figures interacting in a dark field.

Overlapping rhythms form a vocabulary of shapes suggestive of organic life. Protozoa, free-living and parasitic. Primordial soup in a fishbowl. Tesla experiment gone awry, infinity donuts baked to oblivion. The dance of electricity. Bacteriophage tendrils in tiny sockets. A chirp-and-response with Brakhage’s Mothlight. The spineless levitation of a gloopy amoeba.

Drawn in the “blueberry blood” of a monochrome cathode ray tube, this sound and light drawing was created from feedback and human touch.

Rue Bainbridge in Roulette Mixology Festival

Testing our scrim at Roulette

Rue Bainbridge perform in Mixology Festival at Roulette, Brooklyn on February 20, 2020. Curated by its founder, David Weinstein, Roulette’s 29th annual Mixology Festival is organized around the theme of psychedelia. Music and media performances revisit the virtues of visceral imagination in the form of enlightened vision, sonic illusions, and collective synesthesia. Moving beyond the clichés of drug culture, the Festival seeks to induce sustainable euphoria through a transformative groove. Roulette’s annual festival focuses on new and unusual uses of technology in music and media arts. The Festival has, since 1991, boldly embraced both the successes and struggles of gadgets in the service of innovation.

Get tickets for Rue Bainbridge at Roulette Mixology Festival 20FEB20


Observatory/Lisa Joy at MUSAC, León

Curators José Iges and Manuel Olveira included Barbara Held / Benton C Bainbridge: Observatory / Lisa Joy in the show “El giro notacional (The Notational Turn)” at MUSAC (Museum de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León).

Observatory / Lisa Joy was first shown as part of “Escuchar con los ojos: Arte sonoro en España, 1961-2016”, a group exhibition of Spanish Sound Art from the past half century at the Juan March Foundation in Madrid in 2017.

Casiverde at La Place, Barcelona

Curator Mayssa Fattouh selected Benton C Bainbridge & Barbara Held’s video sculpture, Casiverde, for a 2019 exhibit at La Place in Barcelona.

Casiverde emerged from residency sessions at CultureHub for Pausa—an ongoing series of artworks and performances for flute, digital sound and analog video synth. Casiverde is realized as a 4-channel media artwork of analog-synthesized video with stereo acoustic and computer sound, presented as digital media “fingerprinted” via artHash.

Portrait of Barbara Held at CADAF | Miami Art Week

Bainbridge/Held: frames from Portrait of Barbara Held, 2019

Bainbridge and Held premiered a new digital media artwork in CADAF at Miami Art Week. Portrait of Barbara Held is a single channel video portrait in which Held is both subject and co-creator. The Portrait was created at Andrew Freedman Home with flute, custom audio processing software and video synth.

Benton C Bainbridge

Video sculptures

In 2019, I continued my series of CRT video sculptures that began the previous years with works like Lisa Joy, Casiverde and Life-Size Allyssa Jill. Two of these sculptures premiered during Miami Art Week at CADAF: Tiny Hands Big Tie and Building a Pyramid with Bare Hands. Tiny Hands is my attempt to understand how POTrumpUS hypnotizes us by live-processing two of his speeches at the same time. Pyramid is a collaboration with my fellow artists-in-residence at Andrew Freedman Home: Andre Trenier, Dr. Drum, Jennie West, Luze, Meguru Yamaguchi, and Tasha Dougé. Two other video sculptures, Fake Flag and Beauteous, premiered in the sold-out MoMA PS1 PopRally at Andrew Freedman Home.

Benton C Bainbridge: AImurica, 2019 (studio view)
Benton C Bainbridge: Fake Flag, 2019 (studio view)

Fake Flag, my 24 CRT video sculpture, will be included in an upcoming exhibition at peer to space. Details TBA…

Bainbridge on The Gift

2020 kicked off with a short documentary about me and my media art.

#Zuckerfree #2020

As of New Year’s Day, I have deleted all Facebook + Instagram accounts. Let’s connect outside the Zuckerbubble! I’ve expanded my maillist to include snail mail; please add your info if you’d like to receive the occasional update or postcard.

Intersection Arts

Second annual Halloween at Union West (photo: Raison Rivas)

My commercial studio projection mapped Tao Downtown’s Quan Yin statue for The Weeknd camo-themed birthday party. For Halloween, Intersection Arts projection mapped two parties: Heidi Klum’s annual at Cathédrale and the second annual Union West blowout.

Sleepy Eyes is the first single off of the new Nalepa album Thoughtforms. Benton C Bainbridge has created a mesmerizing visual in counterpoint to the music, utilizing modular video synth prototypes from Dave Jones.

Together, the music and video evoke states of mind at the threshold of consciousness: subdued yet ecstatic. Bainbridge illuminates, “you know when there are clean sheets on the bed, the fresh air is gently blowing over you as the sheets lay lightly upon your body, and then you get a muted fuzzy buzzy happy feeling, as you start rolling down the path to dreamland? That’s what I hear in the music and the soporific aliveness I wanted to come across in the video.”

Sleepy Eyes premiered at the 2019 Abuja Art Week, presented by Naija Tech Creatives in an exhibition curated by Ihu Anyanwu in Abuja, Nigeria.

Benton C Bainbridge creates media art, collaborating with a wide range of artists, including Beastie Boys (as their VJ) and TV On The Radio (video synth FX for the “Staring at the Sun” video). Currently, the AV duo Rue Bainbridge is performing in London, NYC and L.A. with singing saw, modular synths and a hacked game console. Bainbridge was the resident media artist for 11 seasons of One Step Beyond at American Museum of Natural History. Benton is Artist in Residence at Andrew Freedman Home, where he recently showed video sculptures and moving paintings with the sold-out, immersive MoMA PopRally co-production, Beauteous.

Californian polymath Steve Nalepa is known for his vast and eclectic array of artistic collaborators, a key node in the electronic music scene cultivated through years of creating music and producing events. He releases music and tours with his bands The Acid (Infectious/Mute) and Airspace (Mute). Nalepa is a founding member of esteemed beat collective TeamSupreme, he has published award-winning art books through the self-launched Dilettante Press, scored several feature-length documentary films and devised/engineered Ableton Live rigs for such acts as Blood Orange, Nick Murphy, Drake and The Weeknd.

The pair have previously collaborated on videos for Flatlands (2007) and Daytime (2012).

bentoncbainbridge.com | stevenalepa.com | videosynth.com
Benton C Bainbridge at work on the Dave Jones Video Synth at Andrew Freedman Home AIR.
Benton C Bainbridge at work on the Dave Jones Video Synth at Andrew Freedman Home AIR, Bronx, NYC.

Benton C Bainbridge will join a panel about decentralization and art and will premiere a new media artwork with longtime collaborator Nalepa at the first Abuja Art Week, this weekend in Nigeria.

Nalepa x Bainbridge- Sleepy Eyes, 2019
Nalepa x Bainbridge- Sleepy Eyes, 2019

Bainbridge was invited by Naija Tech Creatives: a Nigeria-based platform for creatives interested in the intersection between art and technology.

Saturday, November 9, Bainbridge joins a panel moderated by Ihu Anyanwu (Founder of Abuja Art Week), and including Walter E. Puryear (Director of Andrew Freedman Home), Fanny Lakoubay (blockchain and art market consultant), and Nigerian artists and culture workers Tobi Marho (Saros VR) and Ndu White.

Panel: Immaterial Culture Networks: Blockchain & Digital Art
Panelists: Tobi Marho (Saros VR), Ndu White, Walter E. Puryear, Fanny Lakoubay, Benton C Bainbridge and more t.b.a (Saturday November 9th, 6pm)

On Sunday, November 10, Nalepa x Bainbridge returns with a maximally minimal new video painting and electronic sound artwork, Sleepy Eyes.

Sleepy Eyes, 2019 [HD Digital Video, 7:20] is the first single off of the new Nalepa album Thoughtforms. Benton C Bainbridge has created a mesmerizing visual to accompany the music, utilizing modular video synth prototypes from Dave Jones. Together, the music and video evoke states of mind at the threshold of consciousness: subdued yet ecstatic. Bainbridge illuminates, “you know when there are clean sheets on the bed, the fresh air is gently blowing over you as the sheets lay lightly upon your body, and then you get a muted fuzzy buzzy happy feeling, as you start rolling down the path to dreamland? That’s what I hear in the music and the soporific aliveness I wanted to come across in the video.”

The pair have previously collaborated on videos for Flatlands, 2007 (with David Last), and Daytime, 2012 (with V Owen Bush).

Exhibition & Full Program:
Date: Sunday, November 10th, 2019
Time: 2pm – 8pm
Venue: Abuja Art Week Headquarters, Discovery Mall, 215 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent After AP Plaza Wuse 2, Abuja.
Gate Fee: N1000

More information
Phone 08140821411

The official release day for Sleepy Eyes on Spotify, iTunes, etc., is November 20.

I’m not breaking the internet, nor am I on TV, but today you can find me in two new books:

  1. My friend and collaborator, Gryphon Rue, is in Marfa, Texas tonight to celebrate the release of Strange Attractor. This double book is more than a catalog of the exhibition Gryphon curated at Ballroom Marfa. It’s an extension of the exhibition, including additional artworks and essays from Gryphon and the artists. A shot of my projections with Lonnie Holley from the opening during Marfa Myths brings back memories of a packed event that a rainstorm couldn’t keep away. Have a great celebration at Ballroom Marfa tonight, Gryphon! October 11, 2019 | Gryphon Rue | Strange Attractor Book Launch & Remarks at 5pm | Performance by Gryphon Rue at 7:30pm | Location: Ballroom Marfa | Made in Marfa event during Chinati Weekend, Marfa, Texas .

2. Vector Synthesis by Derek Holzer. If the words “lissajous light drawings” make you feel phosphorescent, this is essential reading. Thanks, Macumbista, for mentioning my Lisa Joy artworks and collaboration with Gryphon: Rue Bainbridge

There are just a couple dozen tickets left for our Rue Bainbridge show at Pace Gallery on October 22; it’s free with RSVP!

My jam-packed Fall continues with shows at Pace and SVA and the last days of the MoMA/AFH and Parrish Museum group shows.

Rue Bainbridge at Hepworth Wakefield. photo by David Lindsay
Rue Bainbridge at Hepworth Wakefield. photo by David Lindsay

A Performance by Rue Bainbridge
Pace Gallery
540 West 25th Street | Seventh Floor
Tuesday, Oct 22 | 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Rue Bainbridge: improvised light drawings and music at the new Pace building in Chelsea, NYC.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Calder: Small Sphere and Heavy Sphere, Pace Gallery hosts a performance by Rue Bainbridge. Rue Bainbridge will premiere a new staging in which the duo is immersed in their improvised audiovisuals; this design was developed within the CultureHub NYC Residency Program.

This event has SOLD OUT!

Benton C Bainbridge: AImurica, 2019 (studio view)
Benton C Bainbridge: AImurica, 2019 (studio view)

I ____ America and America ____ Me
Exhibition on View: October 19 – November 16, 2019
Reception: Thursday, October 24, 2019 from 6 – 8 pm
SVA MFA Computer Arts
133 West 21 Street, NYC

My media artwork AImurica is an abstract video sculpture made with analog synthesizers. The work captures my mood these days; I love the idea of my country, though I feel like I barely comprehend the reality as so many Americans are cheering the greedy usurpers who wish to transform this nation into a fascist oligarchy governed by algorithms.

Platform: OptoSonic Echoes at Parrish
Platform: OptoSonic Echoes at Parrish

Through October 31, 2019

My sound art is part of an outdoor installation curated by OptoSonic Tea and Corinne Erni. Standing outside the Tate Modern, I recorded a monolog for this 8-channel continuous sound installation positioned at the exterior of the Parrish Museum’s north entrance. OptoSonic Echoes is an 8-channel continuous sound installation positioned at the exterior of the Museum’s north entrance, containing the voices and sounds of participants in the September 27 performance, OptoSonic Tea @ the Parrish, an evening-length group improvisation featuring some of the world’s most innovative video and sound artists. Artists: Benton C Bainbridge, Marcia Bassett, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Kit Fitzgerald, Andy Guhl, Shelley Hirsch, CHiKA, Chris Jordan (cj), Katherine Liberovskaya, LoVid, Laura Ortman, Ursula Scherrer, Emma Souharce, Shane Weeks.

Benton C Bainbridge: Beauteous (Reason to Live), 2019 [installation view]
Benton C Bainbridge: Beauteous (Reason to Live), 2019 [installation view]

PS1 MoMA PopRally presents:
SEA: My Journey, an immersive installation by Alice Mizrachi
Reception: October 4, 2019 | 6-10 pm
Andrew Freedman Home
1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NYC

The opening of Alice Mizrachi’s immersive installation at AFH is the last day to catch my large scale multichannel video sculpture in the Museum of Modern Art / Andrew Freedman Home Beauteous exhibition.

If you missed the Beauteous PopRally, BronxNet captured the theatrical media spectacle: