Benton C Bainbridge at work on a video sculpture for Beauteous

My Autumn shows are falling into place! Summer vacation is over: I’m back to work with my collaborators making art for the new season.

illustration by Grace Robinson

MoMA PopRally presents:
at Andrew Freedman Home
Bronx, NY
September 7, 2019

Garden festivities 6:00 PM, performance 8:00 PM, rooftop DJs 10:00 PM
$10 advance / $15 door

Exhibition on view through September 27!

Beauteous is a site-specific, immersive theatrical takeover of the halls of Andrew Freedman Home. My media art will be featured, including video sculptures, interactive installations and AV performance.

Beauteous is a dystopic imagining of our near future that explores issues around perception, community branding, and the dynamics of hype. This post-apocalyptic science fiction tale incorporates narratives of LGBTQ subculture and hip-hop to extrapolate the cultural evolution of the Bronx into a probable future where we don’t change our present headlong dash to disaster. Guests will experience theatrical vignettes, musical performances, and art installations set amidst the faded glamor of a Gilded Age mansion located on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

The evening will commence with food and music in the garden and culminate on the mansion’s rooftop with a dance party hosted by Pauli Cakes & DJ She Marley Marl, featuring DJ sets by Bronx natives. Dance the night away to the sounds of BRUJAS and friends with DaDa Coz and gnarianna, DJ Red Alert, and Grandmaster Caz.


Craig muMs GrantAndre RoyoMike CarlsenMorgan McGuireToni Ann DeNobleJennie WestTamara Williams, Jeorge Bennett WatsonTasha DougéEquiano MosieriD-BlackTony Parent


Sho KonishiVeronica LeeHana HolquistTJacob HookerXiang GuAlexandra RiddleVidemus OmniaSubin HahnAmi ParkYiwei WuKatya AkumaLenny Vuitton


Katya AkumaElia Alba ,Gabe AielloBenton C Bainbridge, David CavalieroAbigail DevilleTasha DougéXavier FigueroaVanessa GermanTrokon NagbeNiyi OlagunjuJennie WestNatalie Collette WoodMeguru Yamaguchi


Benton C Bainbridge, Joe BlensKelly LUZE CovingtonAlice MizrachiRobert Owusu IIIJess Valoris



Held / Bainbridge: Observatory / Lisa Joy, installation view in El giro notacional at MUSAC

Barbara Held / Benton C Bainbridge: Observatory / Lisa Joy
in El giro notacional
at MUSAC: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León
León, Spain
Through September 15

My media artwork collaborative installation with Barbara Held has been generating ever-changing light drawings and sound all year long, but all good things must move along to the next show. There’s just a few weeks left to catch this wide ranging group exhibition presenting experimental scores.


August 15–October 31, 2019
Parrish Art Museum
Water Mill, NY

My sound art is part of an outdoor installation presented by OptoSonic Tea and Corinne Erni.

Standing outside the Tate Modern, I recorded a monolog for this 8-channel continuous sound installation positioned at the exterior of the Parrish Museum’s north entrance.

Participating artists:
Benton C Bainbridge, Marcia Bassett, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Kit Fitzgerald, Andy Guhl, Shelley Hirsch, Chika Iijima, Chris Jordan (cj), Katherine Liberovskaya, LoVid, Laura Ortman, Ursula Scherrer, Michael J. Schumacher, Emma Souharce, Shane Weeks


Platform: OptoSonic Tea at The Parrish
September 27, 7-11 pm
$12 | Free for Members, Children, and Students

In late September, I’ll join 18 other artists to present an audiovisual installation/performance, dispersed amongst the galleries of the Museum.

VISUAL ARTISTS: Benton C Bainbridge, Bradley Eros, Andy Guhl, Kit Fitzgerald, Asi Föcker, CHiKA, Chris Jordan (cj), Katherine Liberovskaya, LoVid (Kyle Lapidus and Tali Hinkins), and Ursula Scherrer.
SOUND ARTISTS: Marcia Bassett, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Shelley Hirsch, Laura Ortman, Emma Souharce, Michael J. Schumacher, Keiko Uenishi, and Shane Weeks.


Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: Ezili Dantor (Throne), 2019, is installed at Andrew Freedman Home through May 11, 2019. Viewings are by appointment at 1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10452.

The installation was created for an immersive performance by the Bronx-based collaborative of Yelaine Rodriguez, Melanie Gonzalez, and Benton C Bainbridge, along with special guests Havanna Fisher & dancers, Wilson Lantigua, Nia Fields, Kaila Bulé and DJ Sunny Cheeba.

Watch BronxNet TV on Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: Ezili Dantor, Freedom and the African Diaspora.

About Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge | About Andrew Freedman Home

Gear Fever is the page for my gear posts and the place to #AMA about video tech old and new.

I’m always on the lookout for unloved gear that’s busted or just confusing its human. Sometimes these kids do the darnedest things.

A couple years ago I picked up a Leader vectorscope along with a few dozen other random pieces of old-school video tech that someone had gathered for an aborted art project. When I got around to testing the vectorscope I found it wasn’t locking to subcarrier, so the phase just spins around semi-randomly. I fed this with my LZX / brownshoesonly modular synth to see if I could get some good images out of the whirling dervish.

I played with the vectorscope phase knob to change the tempo of the spinning while choosing different palette combinations with the Color Chords module. The results were interesting enough that I made the first video in the above playlist.

I found much stronger imagery once I turned the vectorscope’s gain knob. It probably hadn’t been touched in a decade, so the pot was very dirty. I made the second video after a few rehearsals, turning knobs on the ‘scope and my synth.

Chris Bennett asked me what I used to feed the Color Chords, so I decided to make this post.

Here’s the synth that feeds the broken Leader Vectorscope videos above:

The busted vectorscope is fed by the yellow RCA cable from the bottom Visual Cortex

So, there it is, Chris! What… you can’t see what’s patched to what?? Nor can I 😉

For this patch, it’s not so important what’s feeding Color Chords (mostly ramps feeding Staircase); I am shaping the circular pattern by playing with the 3 layers of color.

Any other questions?

Good riddance, 2018! While dealing with family loss and America’s descent, I found solace in art. Here are my highlights from our low year:

TRIGGERS at Sonic Arcade: Subject to Gesture, Museum of Arts and DesignTRIGGERS at Museum of Arts and Design (installation view)
TRIGGERS at Sonic Arcade, Museum of Arts & Design
TRIGGERS was selected by curator Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe for Sonic Arcade at Museum of Arts & Design, NYC
Benton C Bainbridge: video sculptures at Barcid GalleryBenton C Bainbridge and Jeff Carpenter - Just a Sec (Fragment 4), 2015Benton C Bainbridge: Life-Size Allyssa Jill, 2018 (installation view at North of History)
My 2018 exhibitions with Andrew Freedman Home’s Artist in Residence program included the IV Annual Afh AIR group show and Dak’art Biennale in Senegal. The year began and concluded with shows at Gene Kaufmann’s North of History 12-month pop-up gallery.

Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: Maman Brigitte (rehearsal view)Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: Ezili Dantor at Wave Hill, 2018 (installation view)Yelaine Rodriguez with Melanie Gonzalez and Benton C Bainbridge: Maman Brigitte, 2018 (detail)
Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge, my latest collaborative, formed this Fall when Yelaine Rodriguez brought Melanie Gonzalez and myself together to explore the intersection of wearable, performance and media art. We joined Yelaine for her exhibitions portraying the Haitian loa at Wave Hill and Longwood Gallery in the Bronx; since then, our trio has been making video paintings in Singular Editions and time-based works in site-specific installations.

Gryphon Rue with Benton C Bainbridge- Google Portrait, 2018Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: Ezili Dantor, 2018Benton C Bainbridge: Habeus Corpus, 2018 (details)
Many of us will remember 2018 as the year when Decentralized Art gained global attention, just as cryptocurrencies plummeted from 2017’s heights. I joined the conversations in Jessica Angel’s #ArtProject Decentralized, AOTB and Ethereal Summit and released many solo and collaborative media artworks with decentralized provenance, including Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: Ezili Dantor presented by Andrew Freedman Home at Miami Art Week, Art | Basel.

Slate Projects presents Rue Bainbridge at Averard Hotel, London (photo: Christoph Trestler, 2018)Slate Projects presents Rue Bainbridge at Averard Hotel (photos: Christoph Trestler)Benton C Bainbridge's Lisa Joy at Averard Hotel (photo: Henri Kisielewski)
Rue Bainbridge performed in NYC and London, including an unforgettable night in the abandoned Averard Hotel. Our duo kicks off 2019 with an audiovisual improvisation for the closing of Calder: Nonspace at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles on January 5. Seating is limited, free tickets here! photos: Christoph Trestler, Henri Kisielewski

Barbara Held and Benton C Bainbridge in Flux Festival, Barcelona (photo: Juan Naranjo)Barbara Held & Benton C Bainbridge: Tearing Through, 2018 (details comp)Bainbridge / Held: Casiverde, 2018
Flutist / sound artist Barbara Held and I presented Pausa as a multi-channel AV installation and a real-time media performance at l’Auditori Barcelona for Sampler Series. In 2019, Bainbridge Held will contribute a generative video and music artwork to a 9 month long sound art exhibition at MUSAC in Leon, Spain.

One Step BeyondBenton C Bainbridge: One Step Beyond feat. Toro Y MoiOne Step BeyondTom Swirly and Benton C Bainbridge at One Step Beyond
In 2018, American Museum of Natural History concluded the 11th season of One Step Beyond. The series is now on hiatus. As the resident media artist of this late-night monthly event I curated, designed and co-created immersive visuals throughout the Hall of the Universe for all eleven years of #OneStepBeyond. Musical guests included Moby, Kanye West, Kid Sister, A-Trak, Scissor Sisters, Dirty Projectors, Freedom Party, Questlove, Chromeo, Flying Lotus, Animal Collective, DJ Khaled, Toro Y Moi, Felix Da Housecat, TOKiMONSTA, and Dan Deacon.

Gryphon Rue with Benton C Bainbridge: Google Portrait, 2018 (detail: Ellie)Benton C Bainbridge & Clebs: Homemade Bread, 2018 (detail)Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge: Holocene Jitterbug [detail], 2018Benton C Bainbridge: Video Portraits at North of History, 2018 (Jennie West)
Bainbridge & collaborators video playlist: select 2018 media art

Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: Maman Brigitte (rehearsal view)

Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge media installation and performance
Wednesday 05 December, 6-8 PM
Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos | 450 Grand Concourse, Room C-190, Bronx, NY 10451

Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge present a site-specific media art installation for the finissage of the group exhibition *Swing Forward While Swaying Back*

Maman Brigitte (portrayed by Gina Goico) will come alive in a projected environment of translucent fabrics. The performance is inspired by a quote by cultural theorist Stuart Hall which comments on a new Black culture created from The New World. Concentrated in Haitian and Dominican roots and traditions, this performance looks at Maman Brigitte, who guards spirits in transition from life to death.

Maman Brigitte is from an ongoing series which celebrates the loa in costume, dance and events. Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge make mixed media, installations, and performances at the intersection of wearable art, performance art, and media art. Conceptual design/sculpture by Yelaine Rodriguez, live video projection visuals by Melanie Gonzalez, and media design by Benton C Bainbridge.

*Swing Forward While Swaying Back*
Six Bronx artists (Alicia Grullon, Blanka Amezkua, Fran Ilich, Francheska Alcantara, Walter Cruz, Yelaine Rodriguez) envision alternate futures through collaborative installations that provocatively and poetically challenge their audiences. Each project simultaneously draws on rich and varied art, activist, and cultural histories to search for something beyond itself – whether in relation to economies of generosity and exchange, practical information about immigration rights, or complex conversations about cultural heritage. Curated by Amanda McDonald Crowley.

watch Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: We Are Here Because You Were There at Longwood Gallery


Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: Ezili Dantor, 2018

Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge in Art Decentralized at Art | Basel Miami Beach
Thursday, 06 December, 9 AM – 6 PM
Nikki Beach | 1 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge will premiere Ezili Dantor, a digital video portrait of the Haitian loa. Andrew Freedman Home Director Walter Puryear will present four works by AFH Artists in Residence (Bainbridge, as well as Natalie Collette Wood, Meguru Yamaguchi, Noté Peter George) and speak on the Digital Art & Collectibles Panel in this conference presented by Light Node Media for Miami Art Week.

watch Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Bainbridge: Ezili Dantor, 2018 [studio installation view]


Benton C Bainbridge: Life-Size Allyssa Jill, 2018 (study - Curled Up)

North of History Goes South
06 December – 22 December | Reception 22 December, 6-8 PM | Open 7 days a week, 10 AM – 6 PM
445 Columbus Av & 81st, New York, NY 10024

This group exhibition highlighting artists who have shown at North of History includes Andrew Freedman Home Artists in Residence Jennie West, Gabe Aiello, Cannon Hersey, Alice Mizrachi, Natalie Collette Wood, and Noté Peter George. Benton C Bainbridge premieres a new multi-channel video sculpture, Life-Size Allyssa Jill, and projects a series of video portraits.

watch Benton C Bainbridge: Life-Size Allyssa Jill (installation view)


Gryphon Rue with Benton C Bainbridge: Google Portrait (kid's chorus detail)

watch Gryphon Rue with Benton C Bainbridge: Google Portrait

Years in the making, Benton C Bainbridge‘s utterly bizarre video for Gryphon Rue‘s AI-phobic poem set to an electronic folk tune has been released by Tiger Sushi Records. Featuring Gryphon with Dean Wareham and Christine Sun Kim along with a children’s chorus, all fed through a labyrinthian system of old-school and newfangled image processing tools.

Slate Projects presents Rue Bainbridge at Averard Hotel, London (photo: Christoph Trestler)
Rue Bainbridge at Averard Hotel (photo: Christoph Trestler)
Slate Projects presents Rue Bainbridge at Averard Hotel, London
19 October, 8 PM

Saw and Synths immersive AV performance in an abandoned hotel by Kensington Gardens


Bainbridge Held: PAUSA @ l'Auditori (foto by Adolf Alcañiz)
Bainbridge Held: PAUSA @ l’Auditori (foto by Adolf Alcañiz)
Flux Festival presents Benton C Bainbridge and Barbara Held at Antic Teatre, Barcelona
22 October, 9 PM

Live flute and video synth performance in Barcelona’s Old Town


Digital Buddha
Digital Buddha
Digital Buddha at K Now, Philadelphia: Jin Hi Kim with Gerry Hemingway,
25 October, 7 PM

Media art by Benton C Bainbridge


Sofy Yuditskaya with Benton C Bainbridge: Laser Portal (detail)
Sofy Yuditskaya with Benton C Bainbridge: Laser Portal (detail)
Then & Now: The Evolution of TraditionLab Studios, Cleveland
02 November, 6:30 PM

Dancer Ron’dhale Simpson is accompanied with video by Sofy Yuditskaya from our laser portals collaborations


Asian Sound Revolution at Detroit Institute of Arts flyer
Asian Sound Revolution at Detroit Institute of Arts
Asian Sound Revolution at Detroit Institute of Arts
04 November, 3 PM


Barbara Held & Benton C Bainbridge: Tearing Through, 2018 (details comp)
Barbara Held & Benton C Bainbridge: Tearing Through, 2018 (details)
XXV Punto de Encuentro AMEE: Barbara Held + Miguel Álvarez-Fernández + Anticine de Javier Aguirre y Eduardo Polonio
Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
16 November, 10 PM

Bainbridge Held: Tearing Through, 2018 premieres in screening of music and video artworks in Spain.


Yelaine Rodriguez with Melanie Gonzalez and Benton C Bainbridge (details)
Yelaine Rodriguez with Melanie Gonzalez and Benton C Bainbridge (details)
Yelaine Rodriguez with Gonzalez, Muñoz and Bainbridge at Wave Hill and Longwood Gallery, Bronx

This month has been busy, so here’s my second update of the summer.


Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge: Google Portrait (BUBBLES 1c Mercury Dean Wareham), 2018 (detail)

Google Portrait—a new series of video paintings by New York-based artists Benton C Bainbridge and Gryphon Rue—will be presented by Jessica Angel for #ArtProject Decentralized at Distributed 2018 conference for the global blockchain community in San Francisco, 19-20 July, 2018. The Google Portrait series is compiled from a music video of the same name featuring Rue, the legendary songwriter Dean Wareham, and members of a children’s chorus. The digital artworks are substantiated with decentralized provenance, each offered in a Singular Edition fingerprinted via artHash.


Benton C Bainbridge: Lisa Joy 18, 2016 (WIP installation view)
Benton C Bainbridge: Lisa Joy 18, 2016 (WIP installation view)

Lisa Joy 18 in Bronx Now at BRAC, Bronx | July 14 – Sept 8, 2018

This multichannel installation pairs documentation of my 2016 lissajous performance with displays of the light drawings. My media artwork is shown alongside works by Natalie Collette Wood (my fellow Andrew Freedman Home Artist-in-Residence,) John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres (sculptors featured in The Met Breuer “Like-Life” exhibition,) and other Bx200 artists.


the artHash octothorp
the artHash octothorp

Mechanism Design Mondays x SF Crypto Art: IPFS Protocols | Starfish Mission, San Francisco & online | Monday, July 16, 6:30-8:30 PM

I will conduct a remote artHash workshop. artHash is a free, open-source system for digital artists to publish unique fingerprints of their work. artHash is co-designed by myself and Tom Swirly. Attend in person or join the Hangout


Beth McCarthy interviews Benton C Bainbridge at Starfish Mission
Beth McCarthy interviews Benton C Bainbridge at Starfish Mission


Decentralized Art Discourse with Benton C Bainbridge

While showing my work at Starfish Mission in June, Beth McCarthy interviewed me about my decentralized artworks. Part 1 has been published here.


Benton C Bainbridge: Touchscreen Selfie 10, 2014
Benton C Bainbridge: Touchscreen Selfie 10, 2014


Benton C Bainbridge: Betabet (smile), 1989
Benton C Bainbridge: Betabet, 1989

Speaking of decentralized art, I am publishing a series of essays on the topic, decentralizing cultural economix. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic, please Contact me.



Benton C Bainbridge- It is what you haven't done that will torment you - Adrift, 2018
Benton C Bainbridge: It is what you haven’t done that will torment you – Adrift, 2018
Digital Media – HD GIF anim, 2 seconds 4 frames
Singular Edition

Barbara Held and Benton C Bainbridge

Juan Naranjo Gallery
Casanova Street, 136-138
Barcelona, Spain B-3 08036
13 June – 06 July, 2018
Closing Reception: Friday, July 6, starting at 5 pm

Media art premiers and the return of Observatory / Lisa Joy.


Fork the System: artHash & Singular Editions with Benton C Bainbridge
June 13, 2018, 7 PM
Starfish Mission
San Francisco
*Free entrance to come see my presentation*

I will show recent Singular Editions of digital media art and demo artHash.


ONE STEP BEYOND with DJ Camilo, Riobamba, and DJ BETO; media design by Benton C Bainbridge/Intersection Arts
June 29, 2018, 9 PM – 1 AM
American Museum of Natural History

The ultimate #OneStepBeyond of Season 11! Get your tickets early – #OneStepBeyond usually sells out.


Benton C Bainbridge: media art in Singular Editions with decentralized provenance
New work available this summer.

Benton C Bainbridge and Jeff Carpenter - Just a Sec (Fragment 4), 2015

Just a Sec (Fragment #4) at Dak’art Biennale | Dakar, Senegal | May 3 – June 2, 2018

Benton C Bainbridge & Jeff Carpenter
Just a Sec (Fragment #4)
, 2015
32 frame lenticular print from one second of video (plastic & ink)
24″ x 24″

Just a Sec captures one second of a visual performance in a mesmerizing lenticular print. Jeff Carpenter conceived a project to manifest video art as moving prints, turning immaterial media into physical media that “remixes” as the viewer’s head moves. For the edition, Carpenter chose Just a Sec from a 4 hour long visual performance by Benton C Bainbridge.

Few lenticulars of such temporal detail (32 frames, covering just over 1 second of NTSC video) have ever been produced.

The lenticular frames animate as your point of view changes, collectively creating a kaleidoscopic effect as they sparkle in motion. The source imagery is simple; close inspection reveals the subtle dance is actually a closeup of Bainbridge’s fingers at play in front of a light. A calligraphic, squiggly transcription of live music weaves through the fingers. The palette is inverted, so the flesh tones become a cool blue.

Just a Sec exhibits include: Dak’art Biennale, The Kitchen, Artlery, Julio Valdez Project Space, Affordable Art Fair, CoinAgenda, Andrew Freedman Home and LDR Studio Gallery


Poetic Algorithms - Performed Dualisms

Thursday April 12 8PM | FREE!
Poetic Algorithms / Performed Dualisms
Highline Loft | 508 West 26th Street, Loft 5G, NYC

Benton C Bainbridge joins Hans Tammen for a duo realtime media improvisation on analog synths for SVA MFA Computer Arts Poetic Algorithms reception
Also performing: Santiago Messier + Akaliko

The MFA Computer Arts Department at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents Poetic Algorithms, an exhibition of videos and installations by first-year MFACA students. The exhibition will be on view from April 10 to April 12, 2018 at the Highline Loft 508 West 26th Street, between 10th & 11th Ave, Loft 5G, New York City.

Poetic Algorithms explores the possibilities of technology and how it impacts the way we see the world. In a world of constant motion, technology has become a key figure in how we experience our surroundings. It has helped us confront our problems but has also brought new issues to the table. Artists in this exhibition created works to examine these subjects by using a variety of media, including video, animation, projection mapping, and sculpture.

With the use of Processing and digital painting, Kaitlyn Fitzgerald explores the transformation from human to machine, with the center of that transformation being our phones. Through an interactive sculpture with filmed and animated components, Tiger Mackie meditates on America’s culture of mass production, and illustrates the vicious cycle of consumerism generated by capitalism. Dominick Bedasse reflects on the census data of prison populations within the United States with Processing elements.

Other artists in this exhibition include Ling Hsiu Tsai, Catherine Lee, Devan Worth, Doudou Liu, Hunny Dastur, Sakshi Jain, Santiago Messier, Xuchen Wang, and Yu Jian.