Held / Bainbridge: Pausa (CultureHub residency)

Benton C Bainbridge + Barbara Held in Flux Festival
Monday | 22 October 2018 | 9 PM
Antic Teatre
Verdaguer i Callís, 12. 08003 Barcelona

Barbara Held, flautista y compositor, y Benton C Bainbridge, pionero de la creación del video analógico en tiempo real, interpretan su proyecto colaborativo. Los artistas han creado un sistema personalizado de hardware y software de síntesis audiovisual que interconecta sonido acústico y electrónico con imágenes procesadas en tiempo real. Su trabajo explora los límites de procesos generativos y el performance duracional extendido. La actividad sísmica solar, la respiración humano y otras mediciones periódicas inspiran sus estrategias estructurales.

El software de audio fue diseñado por Josep Aymi.


Bainbridge | Held: Pausa

The media art installation and realtime performance work Pausa is a collaboration by Benton C Bainbridge and flutist / composer Barbara Held. Pausa was presented in Sampler Series at L’Auditori as both an audiovisual concert with quadraphonic sound and as an AV installation on multiple channels. In Pausa, the synthesized images and acoustic and electronic sounds are also cross-patched as control signals between the video and audio systems. A binary pattern generator creates rhythms, generating timbral variations in the sampled live flute parts, as well as controlling layers of abstract forms in movement.

Pausa was developed in residencies at CultureHub and Andrew Freedman Home and is supported by SVA MFA Computer Arts Department. Held and Bainbridge co-designed the system, with custom audio software by Josep Aymi and Binary Pattern Generator by Brendan Byrne.

February 24, 2017 saw the world premiere of Pausa in Composers Now Festival at Harvestworks, NYC. In March, Pausa traveled to Minnesota for two performances and an exhibition at Studio Z, St. Paul and  Kiehle Gallery, University of MN at St. Cloud. Pausa has also been presented at Subtropics in Miami and live-streamed from CultureHub as a transatlantic performance between Held and Bainbridge. Digital media from Pausa is offered by Juan Naranjo Gallery and was exhibited in Barcelona in tandem with SONAR 2017. In December, 2017, Pausa was presented at Medialab Prado.

Barbara Held / Benton C BainbridgeObservatory / Lisa Joy
in “Escuchar con los ojos” at Fundación Juan March, Madrid.
October 14, 2016 – January 15, 2017

The generative audiovisual installation Observatory / Lisa Joy  was shown as part of “Escuchar con los ojos. Arte sonoro en España, 1961-2016”, a group exhibition of Spanish Sound Art from the past half century at the Juan March Foundation in Madrid.  Barbara Held’s software system, a sonification of helioseismological measurements, translates numeric data into another numeric structure: the overtone series of a sampled flute note, filtered and reinforced in the rhythm of the sound waves produced by solar oscillations, varying the intensity of harmonics. These frequencies are used as control voltages to shape sinuous lines from Benton C Bainbridge’s modified video game console, creating calligraphic patterns from the same electronic signals.

Documentary: “Escuchar con los ojos” including Held / Bainbridge showing Observatory / Lisa Joy || Press: Periodista Digital | Guia del OcioEl País

Held + Bainbridge video playlist


Media art collaborations by BENTON C BAINBRIDGE (The Bronx) and BARBARA HELD (Barcelona) pair acoustic and electronic sound with realtime image processing. Their live performances, installations and recordings are composed using audiovisual synthesizers modulated with flute, as well as generative software. Solar seismic activity, the human breath, and other periodic measurements inspire their structural strategies. bentoncbainbridge.com | barbaraheld.com

A collaborative performance with Nancy Meli Walker in 1995 for the Festival Grec in Barcelona, Spain used the sound and live video images of vintage laboratory glass and an original 19th century physics apparatus called the “singing flames” on loan from the Mentor Alsina laboratory museum.