Daytime’s synth voices and painterly visuals spin a dreamy tale. The Sun cannot pierce through a cloud-wrapped planet and thus wages war with sunbeams. The Clouds fight back with vapors; in the end, life wins.

Daytime’s sinuous imagery was hand-crafted with the Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer, an analog video instrument built in the early 70s. Like a TV from another dimension, the Rutt/Etra gives artists total control of the screen with knobs, oscillators and sound-responsive circuitry. It is a modular analog computer, programmed with patch chords.

The artists dedicate Daytime to the memory of Steve Rutt, co-inventor of the Rutt/Etra. Steve’s pioneering work as an engineer and entrepreneur helped create the media culture we now live in.

Music by Steve Nalepa | Video co-created by Benton C Bainbridge, V Owen Bush and Steve Nalepa | Video produced at dvlabs


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