Ghost Komungobot was originally presented as a work-in-progress at CultureHub’s Refest (2015) in The Downstairs at La MaMa. It went on to be produced in New York at Harvestworks. In 2018, CultureHub New York hosted a telematic performance of Ghost Komungobot that connected the performers with students and faculty at CultureHub Korea at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and CultureHub Indonesia at the Bandung Institute of Technology. Ghost Komungobot premiered at CultureHub / La MaMa Refest on December 12, 2015. In this media performance, Jin Hi Kim plays and processes her electric komungo while the Ghost, programmed by Alex Noyes, responds. Benton C Bainbridge visualizes the Ghost with projections, controlled by the Ghost’s music and other electronic signals. Optical, analog and digital systems are combined to harness the advantages of software while retaining some of the unpredictability of analog instruments.

Jin Hi Kim: Komungo
Alex Noyes: programming
Benton C Bainbridge: video

Ghost Komungobot at CultureHub