Global Groove 2: Dancing on the Event Horizon
A 12-hour network media jam for Bill Etra
Saturday, October 7, noon to midnight Eastern Time
CultureHub, NYC

Bill Etra’s work changed the face of video forever and on October 7th, Anton “vade” Marini, Benton C Bainbridge, and Tom Zafian, along with guests both near and far commemorated Etra through a 12-hour visual performance. Credited with helping to make video an art form through the invention of the Rutt-Etra synthesizer, Etra made seminal works alongside pioneers like Nam Jun Paik.

CultureHub is pleased to announce a media art event connecting visual performing artists in New York City with performers around the world in a live audiovisual jam to celebrate the life and creativity of William “Bill” Etra.

A small local audience in New York will experience real-time media performances at the CultureHub webcast studio in Manhattan. The artists will perform solo and collaborate with each other in the room as well as media performers around the world via CultureHub’s Live Lab intermedia software. Participants around the world will send and receive live mixes, remotely playing with each other and joining the program.

All are welcome to to join us at CultureHub, NYC, in the free ‘Memorial Lounge’ to watch the livestream and share memories of Bill. Light refreshments will be available. All donations to benefit Bill’s wife, Roz. Additionally, there will be an AV jam organized by in the spirit of Bill Etra who participated in many SHARE sessions.

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Participants will interpret Nam June Paik’s “Global Groove” TV art project for our socially mediated age, and celebrate Bill Etra’s contributions to the art and technology that have made this possible.

Media art pioneer Bill Etra is best known as the co-inventor (with Steve Rutt) of the Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer; this image processing and generation device was Bill’s earliest attempt to create the visual “piano-forte”: an instrument to enable “total plasticity of the moving image” so that artists could improvise, compose and perform any picture dreamed of. The Rutt/Etra remains one of visual music’s most playable and powerful instruments, with a once-unique and now oft-emulated luminance displacement effect and distinctive visual timbre.

Inventor, consultant, theorist, curator, and artist Bill Etra dedicated his life to this young art form in all its aspects: Computer Graphics, Stereo 3D, Immersive Media, Visual Music, Real-time Media, Interactive Art, Video Art, Media Art. Bill Etra’s media artworks are in the permanent collections of the Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, and the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris.

Bill Etra’s NY Times obituary | Bill Etra Wikipedia entry

Alex Dogrush
Barbara Held
Benton C Bainbridge
Brian Murphy
Casey REAS
Chora Malik
Chris King / Video Circuits
Daniel “dvdan” Summer
Dave Jones
David Linton
Dean Winkler
Debora and Jason Bernagozzi
Eric Barry Drasin / Diggers
Gastón Luciani
Gilbert Waltl
Guillermo Tellechea
Ignacio Maderna y Javier Casadidio aka YOPERRO
Joan Bofill Amargós
Jonas Bers
Just Misfit & District Dodger
Kate Parsons, Estevan Carlos Benson, and Eras
Katherine Liberovskaya & Keiko Uenishi
Kevin Kripper / Vsynth
Kit Fitzgerald
Kjell Bjørgeegen and Rick Reed
Laurie Spiegel
Lou Katz
Louise Ledeen
Lucas DM
Lucas Gutierrez
Mariela Bond
Martin Back
Martin Borini
Matthew Schlanger
Milena Pafundi
Minou Maguna
Nestor Braslavsky
Raven Kwok
Rebecca Uliasz
Stefan Voglsinger
Stefanie Zingl
Steve Nalepa
Tom Ditto
Tom Zafian
Ursula Scherrer
Vibeke Sorensen
V Owen Bush / Glowing Pictures
Wili Peloche
99 Hooker
Masha Godovannaya
(and many more!)
CultureHub L.A.
Setzkasten Wien
Fort Collins, CO
Ancram, NY
Binghamton, NY
Buffalo, NY
New York, NY
Owego, NY
Los Angeles, CA
London, UK
Rosario, Argentina
Cordoba, Argentina
Mendoza, Argentina
La Plata, Argentina
Chaco, Argentina
Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina
CABA, Argentina
Vienna, Austria

This presentation is made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts’ 2017 Electronic Media and Film Presentation Funds Grant program, administered by The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.

 Streaming from Vienna Hub made with Apo33 support –

0:45 Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer Demo
2:28 99 Hooker: Eulogy for Bill Etra
7:18 Tom Zafian: Film school with Bill Etra; projects with Bill Etra, including the Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer and Electro Opera
10:39 Japanese TV newscast on Electro Opera
15:30 Diggers: realtime media performance (Buffalo, NY)
22:03 Dean Winkler, Maureen Nappi, Donald S. Butler: “140 Characters” for Steve Rutt & Bill Etra (2017)
27:36 Tom Ditto: work with Bill Etra, “War Mime” Tom Ditto, with music by Laurie Spiegel and FX consultation by Bill Etra (1974) [excerpt] 30:35 Benton C Bainbridge: back announcement, intro Anton “vade” Marini
32:30 Benton: interviews Anton “vade” Marini about Bill Etra and the v002 Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer
38:48 vade: demos the v002 Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer plugin for VDMX
47:44 Bill Etra: “Wrath of the WereWeasel” (1999)
50:08 Laurie Spiegel and Bill Etra: “Das Ring”
52:37 Minou Maguna and Benton C Bainbridge: “Bill Etra – Language Lifework” (2007)
58:30 LucasDM: (2017)
1:01:10 Valeria Vargas: (2017)
1:04:13 Mariela Bond: (2017)
1:07:26 Benton: back announcement / fore-announce Matthew Schlanger / announce Casey REAS video
1:10:29 Casey REAS: “KTTV” [excerpt] 1:16:06 Geoff Matters, Nicholas Kent, vade: [realtime media improv] 1:26:18 Benton: back announcement, intro Matthew Schlanger
1:28:28 Matthew Schlanger: tour of his image processing studio and the Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer (Nyack, NY)
1:42:20 Matthew Schlanger: Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer image processing of live feed from CultureHub
1:52:56 Benton: back announcement, intro Daniel Summer
1:53:52 Daniel Summer: presents his work made on Rutt/Etra Video Synthesizer
2:04:22 Benton: back announcement, fore-announce SHARE, intro Tom Zafian
2:05:08 Tom Zafian and Bill Etra: “How to Scramble a Cosmic Egg” (2016)
2:08:10 Benton: back announcement, announce technical break
2:10:02 Tom Zafian: welcome back, back announcement, announce his video feedback
2:13:13 Tom Zafian: camera feedback
2:13:13 SHARE with Geoff Matters, vade, Nicholas D Kent, Just Misfit, Lucasz Antkiewicz, Chris Zorker, Matt Verzola
4:03:38 SHARE – visuals by District Dodger (Washington, D.C.)
4:06:15 SHARE – visuals by Nestor Braslavsky (Argentina): “El Síndrome Etra” (2017)
4:07:59 SHARE – visuals by Minou Maguna (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
4:09:17 SHARE – visuals by H3rmana (Argentina)
4:12:12 Benton: back announce SHARE and Argentinian artists
4:13:08 Benton interviews Joan Bofill Amargós (Barcelona)
4:17:36 Joan Bofill Amargós, with music by Barbara Held (Barcelona): Return to Upper Mongolia (2017)
4:24:00 Joan Bofill: Bill Etra interview excerpt (2016)
4:26:39 Benton concludes interview with Joan Bofill
4:31:08 Benton introduces Barbara Held
4:35:14 Benton C Bainbridge and Barbara Held: “Pausa” (2017) realtime telematic media performance (NYC/Barcelona)
4:53:04 Ursula Scherrer: “Bill Etra – Mars an Optic Aspic” remix (2017)
5:03:33 Benton intros Ursula Scherrer who talks about her remix video
5:04:44 Ursula Scherrer and Katherine Liberovskaya discuss Bill Etra at Optosonic Tea
[I do recall it was very difficult for Bill to join Optosonic Tea that 2nd time, due to a terrible Access-a-Ride experience. That may have been Bill’s last public appearance. Bill spoke at MADmuseum IIRC, however he had a technical problem due to an adapter so he may not have presented what he wanted to.] 5:07:16 Kyle Lapidus of LoVid joins Ursula and Katherine
5:08:37 Benton intros Matthew Schlanger
5:08:58 Matthew Schlanger tells stories about Bill, including the story of Bill demanding Bill Hearn include Voltage Control on the EAB system
5:13:15 Matthew presents artworks made on his custom system and Experimental Television Center
5:14:00 Matthew Schlanger: “Blue Mercury” (1987)
5:17:30 Matthew Schlanger: “Bad Knees” (1987)
5:19:54 Matthew Schlanger talks about the “Rutt/Etra Repair Party” organized by Daniel Summer with the participation of Benton, Kyle Lapidus, Jeffrey Schier, Tom Ditto, Gary Hill, Dean Winkler, Bear, David Last, Mona Jimenez, vade, Steve Rutt and Bill Etra.
5:21:25 Matthew Schlanger: “RE Experiments”
5:24:24 Matthew Schlanger: “House Not by the Railroad” and talk about the work
5:28:17 Matthew Schlanger: “Lumpy Banger”
5:29:30 Matthew Schlanger outro, throw to Benton, who intros Katherine Liberovskaya and Keiko Uenishi
5:30:34 Keiko Uenishi (Vienna) and Katherine Liberovskaya: realtime media performance
5:46:07 Katherine Liberovskaya and Keiko Uenishi talk about Bill Etra at SHARE
5:53:43 Dean Winkler with music by Terry Riley: “Modulated Horizontal Lines” [1st excerpt] 6:00:47 Benton: back announcement “Modulated Horizontal Lines,” intro Dave Jones, Brian Murphy with Just Misfit
6:02:18 Dave Jones, Brian Murphy (Owego, NY) with Just Misfit District: realtime media performance
6:14:54 Benton: back announcement Just Misfit, Dave Jones and Brian Murphy
6:15:24 Benton interviews Kit Fitzgerald
6:24:24 Benton interviews Chris King / Video Circuits (London)
6:41:03 Benton interacts with David Linton, David Linton performance and presentation
7:12:19 Benton back announce David Linton, intro Laurie Spiegel and Bill Etra “GROOVE”
7:14:51 Laurie Spiegel and Bill Etra: “GROOVE” (1974)
7:24:23 Benton interviews Laurie Spiegel
[Correction: According to Wikipedia, 3/4″ U-matic was commercially available starting in 1971.] 7:30:38 Benton intros Wili Peloche video
7:30:50 Wili Peloche (Argentina): (2017)
7:32:21 Dean Winkler with music by Terry Riley: “Modulated Horizontal Lines” [2nd excerpt] 7:40:54 Dean Winkler, Vibeke Sorenson, John Sanborn, Tom Ditto (Tom DeWitt), Bill Etra: “Video Wallpaper” (1983) with occasional voice over commentary by Benton
8:12:55 Lucas Gutierrez (Argentina): (2017)
8:14:05 Benton interviews Rebecca Uliasz
8:15:17 Rebecca Uliasz: realtime media performance
8:39:16 Benton intros Jonas Bers
8:41:00 Jonas Bers: realtime media performance inspired by Louise and Bill Etra “Heartbeat”
9:01:11 Benton outros Jonas Bers, intros “Temple”
9:03:56 Vibeke Sorenson: “Temple” (1975)
9:08:48 Benton intros Kjell Bjørgeengen and Rick Reed
9:09:28 Kjell Bjørgeengen (Oslo) and Rick Reed (Austin, TX): realtime media performance
9:32:14 Benton interviews Kjell Bjørgeengen and Rick Reed
9:34:30 Rick Reed talks about Bill Etra
9:36:30 Benton interviews Rosalyn Etra
9:42:59 Benton: intro Debora and Jason Bernagozzi
9:45:18 Debora and Jason Bernagozzi: [realtime media improv with color wobbulator and Signal Culture Apps] (Fort Collins, CO)
10:10:37 Benton interviews Debora and Jason Bernagozzi
10:14:50 Benton: unsuccessful playback of an interview with Bill Etra (1999)
10:26:15 Benton intros Kate Parsons, Estevan Carlos Benson and Eras
10:27:00 Kate Parsons, Estevan Carlos Benson and Eras (CultureHub Los Angeles): realtime media performance
10:56:30 Benton back announce
10:57:16 Kate Parson, Estevan Carlos Benson and Eras talk
11:02:42 Benton intro Raven Kwok and Steve Nalepa
11:16:50 Raven Kwok and Steve Nalepa (CultureHub Los Angeles): realtime media performance
11:47:47 Steve Nalepa and Raven Kwok talk about their performance and Bill Etra
11:49:10 Benton and Tom Zafian outro and Goodbye!
works outside the stream:
DUCASSE & BORINI: “Tributo a Bill Etra”
Javier Casadidio/YOPERRO:
Bill Etra memorial jam Vienna 7 Oct 2017 (digest)