On April 28, 2011 a multimedia spectacle opened at the International Horticultural Exposition in Xi’an, China. Media artist Benton C Bainbridge and choreographer Brooke Broussard’s collaboration “Infinite Light” contributed dance and media art to this extravaganza under the artistic direction of Huang Hui. The production combines live dance performances by Chinese and American dancers with lasers, underwater LED displays, and manipulated dance video projected onto multiple giant screens made of water and fog. It was performed for the 178 day duration of the Xi’an World Expo from April 28, 2011 to October 22, 2011.

The theme of the Xi’an Expo‚ harmony between nature and mankind, parallels the concepts examined by Infinite Light. Ms. Broussard describes Infinite Light as “an exploration of how the intuitive body can peacefully navigate through both the natural world and the world of technology.” The unique, cross-cultural collaboration of Hui, Broussard, and Bainbridge created a technologically ground-breaking and visionary show for the 2011 Expo. “Infinite light” was seen by 3000 visitors each night.

A crowdfunding campaign helped support a limited Blu-Ray edition of the dance media, remixed by Bainbridge as a single-channel artwork with music by Ben Bromley. The HD media edition was first exhibited at Devotion Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, and later presented by Leaders in Software and Art (LISA) at the Big Screen Plaza in Manhattan.

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