“Karma” is a video by Benton C Bainbridge from 2002. It was curated by Kathleen Forde for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art show “Sonic Vision”, which subsequently toured to Eyebeam (NYC) and the Videozone Festival (Tel Aviv). “Karma” also screened at Dallas Video Festival 15 and Vidarte 2002 (Mexico City).

“Karma” is collected on the RECreate DVD from Atmospherex |  “Karma” is featured on the cover of “The VJ Book” by Paul Spinrad


full credits for “Sonic Vision” show:

Thursday, May 13, 2004, 7:00 p.m.
SFMOMA 7th Art Film Screening, Phyllis Wattis Theater

Sonic Vision
Curated by Kathleen Forde, independent curator
Introduction by Dominic Angerame, Canyon Cinema

This special Seventh Art presentation features a compilation of recent videos that fuse music and the moving image into a seamlessly integrated medium. The contemporary works will be preceded by a selection of analogous experimental 16mm films from the 1930’s onward that share an aesthetic language that triggers the synesthetic experience of seeing rhythm and sound.

Film Program:
Oskar Fischinger, Study 8, 1932. Courtesy Canyon Cinema, San Francisco.

Oskar Fischinger, Alegretto, 1936. Courtesy Canyon Cinema, San Francisco.

Harry Smith, Film #3, 1945. Courtesy Anthology Film Archive, New York.

Len Lye, Particles in Space, 1979. Courtesy Canyon Cinema, San Francisco.

Stan Brackhage, Dante’s Quartet, 1987. Courtesy Canyon Cinema, San Francisco.

Video Program:
Chris Cunningham, Second Bad Vibel. Music by Autechre. Courtesy Warp Films.

Funki Porcini, The Great Drive By. Music by Funki Porcini. Courtesy of Ninja Tune.

Michel Gondry, Joga. Music by Bjork. Courtesy of One Little Indian/ Elektra Entertainment Group.

Benton C Bainbridge, Karma. Music by Tarrentella.

Rosa Barba and Herwig Weiser, Distroia. Music by Mouse on Mars.

Scott Pagano, From Brown to Green. Music by Twerk.

Coldcut & Hexstatic, Timber. Music by Coldcut & Hexstatic. Courtesy of Ninja Tune.

Hexstatic, Deadly Media. Music by Hexstatic. Courtesy of Ninja Tune.

D-Fuse, Light Turned Down. Music by Scanner. Courtesy of D-Fuse D-Tonate DVD.

D-Fuse, We Accept. Music by Kid 606 Vs Com.a. Courtesy of D-Fuse D-Tonate DVD.


6:43, Stereo, NTSC Color, 2002
Benton C Bainbridge: video
Tarrentella: music

Warping tape and digipix from his travels between NYC, Miami, and Erie, Benton C Bainbridge interprets Tarrentella’s “Karma” through sound-responsive computer visualization: Personal Cinema as VJ Visuals.

special thanks to Philip Benn, Marion Seymour, Bruce C. Mitchell, and DMZ.
Much love and thanks to the Bainbridge/Gerlach family for putting up with my non-stop videography