Benton C Bainbridge: Lisa Joy 18, 2016
Multichannel digital media (SD A/V movies, CRT monitors, Media players, cables)
Dimensions variable, running time 9 minutes, 6 seconds
Singular Edition
Lisa Joy 18 is a multichannel media artwork made live by Benton C Bainbridge in 2016. Bainbridge’s real-time media performance plays on the base monitor; stacked upon this foundation are six asynchronous loops of the light drawings he created.
Lisa Joy is a celebration of lissajous figures which visualize the harmonic interplay of analog signals.

Bainbridge hacks antique video game consoles to accept electronic signals from custom analog synthesizers, using these interactive instruments to draw with light. The synths generate dynamically evolving oscillations from the interconnected modules. The analog signals are patched into the horizontal, vertical and brightness inputs of the screen. These instruments are manipulated in realtime by Bainbridge to shape oscillating voltages into squiggly lines, sinuous shapes and jagged abstractions along with their synchronous sounds, by turns raw or soothing.

Bainbridge’s ongoing Lisa Joy series includes the lissajous-generating objects, realtime media performances, installations, digital media artworks and prints.


On View from July 14, 2018 – September 08, 2018 at Bronx River Art Center | Wednesday-Friday, 3-6 PM Saturdays, Noon-5 PM


BRONX NOW is an exhibition that explores the community of Bronx-based artists creating remarkable work outside of traditional spheres. Curated by Laura N James and Eileen Walsh, who work under the name BXNYCreative, BRONX NOW seeks to expand interest in Bronx artists. Opening reception July 14.

The exhibit, comprised of sculpture, work on paper, photography, painting, graffiti, media art and live performance, features artists with portfolios on BX200.COM. BX200 Bronx Visual Artist Directory is an online artist community that launched in December of 2014 to bring the artwork of 200 Bronx-based artists to the general public.

Participating artists: John Ahearn, Benton C Bainbridge, Roy Baizan, Michael Paul Britto, Julius “Terrible Tkid170” Cavero, CES, Ivan Gaete, Samantha Holmes, Heidi L. Johnson, MRS, Devon Rodriguez, Shellyne Rodriguez, Moses Ros-Suárez, Edgar Santana, Rhynna M. Santos, and Natalie Collette Wood