Benton C Bainbridge:Lisa Joy W

MovingPictures.Gallery presents Lisa Joy at Harvestworks | September 28 to October 2, 2016

Lisa Joy is a series of media artworks by Benton C Bainbridge including interactive video synthesizer objects, live audiovisual performances made with the synths, and single channel digital media selected from the AV Program Feeds. The Lisa Joy series is a celebration of drones and the Lissajous figures which visualize their harmonic interplay.

The Lisa Joy interactive objects are built from antique Vectrex game consoles which have been modified to accept signals from small modular synthesizers. The Eurorack synths generate dynamically evolving oscillations from the interconnected modules. The voltages generated by this analog system are patched into the horizontal, vertical and brightness inputs of the vector display screen. Together, the synth and CRT form an instrument for generating electronic calligraphy. These instruments are manipulated in realtime by Bainbridge to shape oscillating voltages into squiggly lines, sinuous shapes and jagged abstractions along with their synchronous sounds, by turns raw or soothing.

Lisa Joy is a continuing series. Bainbridge has completed 26 unique synthesizer designs (Lisa Joy A through Z), and two dozen live streamed AV performances via MovingPictures.Gallery, up to 10 hours in length. The September 28th performance was streamed by MovingPictures.Gallery.

Bainbridge talks about Lisa Joy | Bainbridge performs Lisa Joy 26