Benton C Bainbridge makes moving paintings using a combination of real-time analog synthesis and digital post-processing. “Contemporal Collage” is a sample of recent work, re-arranged in space/time, and set to an excerpt of DJ Olive’s Whitney Biennial commission “Triage”. This video incorporates elements from 3 decades of Bainbridge’s creative output, including:

a ‘scratched’ U-matic tape of outtakes from an 80’s TV commercial | orphaned visuals for an MTV Networks Missy Elliot performance (she missed her plane) | unknown persons using Bainbridge’s interactive video portraiture system | Bainbridge’s VHS portrait of Max Nova | lasers by Derek Sweeney Kesler, Sofiya Yuditskaya and myself | a turn-of-the-century high-end TV studio abstract feedback jam by Bainbridge with Bill Etra | hacked TiVo and customized wedding video mixer feedback | birds, snow, winter, tears, blood, kisses

“Benton finger paints with video.” -Trilby Schreiber