NNeng performed live audiovisuals on multiple screens at Living Arts of Tulsa’s New Genre VIII Festival Saturday, October 7, 2000, 10pm at The Nightingale Theater, 1416 S. Quincy Ave, Tulsa, OK NNeng: Benton C Bainbridge, Brian Moran, Nancy Meli Walker. Dancer: Molly Kittle

NNeng (Brian Moran, Nancy Meli Walker and Benton C Bainbridge) created realtime cinema in an intense and intuitive union of sight and sound.

Improvised within preset parameters of props, rhythms and movements, every NNeng performance was unique. Bainbridge and Meli Walker focus cameras on found objects and custom creations, manipulating the video image with digital and analog FX devices. Moran spinned subtly shifting soundscapes with classic analog synthesizers and sampled sound, echoing and influencing the montage in a tight feedback loop with the vidicians.

NNeng produced the experience live in an amalgamation of oscillations, geometrics and organics, an ultra-abstracted mindstate at 60 cycles per second.

NNeng live performances included: Roulette, Roulette TV/DCTV, Knitting Factory, Baby Jupiter, Wetlands, Baktun, Tonic, CBGB Gallery (NYC), Gale Gates et al, Galapagos (Brooklyn), Bath House Cultural Center/Video Association of Dallas (Texas), Stoneridge Center for the Arts (Stoneridge, NY), Cornershop (Buffalo, NY), Not Still Art Festival (Cooperstown, NY).

NNeng exhibits included: Philbrook Museum of Art/New Genre Festival VII (Tulsa, OK), Nipper’s Ginza (Tokyo), LTC Gallery (Lowell, MA), and Dallas Video Festival (Dallas, TX).

NNeng released two VHS albums in 2000 on the Fatal Lightining label: “Pure Information” and “The Vertical Hi-Way”

Works by NNeng-M (NNeng with Molly Kittle) are collected on the EAI Experimental Television Center DVD

Interview with Meli Walker and Bainbridge