NNeng was the A/V performance trio of Benton C Bainbridge, Nancy Meli Walker and Brian Moran. The trio first met in the summer of 1997 at Moran’s “+/-” series of dance and electronic music, whereupon they immediately improvised an a/v set. They created electrifying improvised audiovisual performances with pre-laptop electronics audio and video and found/hand-made objects. In 2000, NNeng released 2 limited edition VHS videos of their visual performance artworks. The tapes were manufactured in NTSC, PAL and SECAM for worldwide distribution.
“Pure Information” consists of 1998 visual music recordings made in performance in various NYC/New York State venues and in the studio. Meli Walker and Bainbridge’s handheld props were transformed through extreme closeups and customized hardware. Moran crafted alien ambience from a wide assortment of electronic devices. The result is an abstract electronic painting with soundscapes in works ranging from repetitive and hypnotic to episodic and evolving.
“The Vertical Hi-Way” was made at Owego, New York’s legendary Experimental Television Center, home to custom analog and digital video synthesis and image processing tools designed by Dave Jones. Bainbridge, Moran and Meli Walker patched together analog modular oscillators, interconnected so each knob turn would affect others. Thus, each member of the trio could build upon or break apart the oscillations of the others: a three-way electronic wrestling match. The sessions yielded hard-edged abstract video paintings with synchronously synthesized sound, ranging from harsh and noisy to cool and quiet. An undercurrent of playful aggressive flows through.
The Vertical Hi-Way and Pure Information were released by Bainbridge and Joe Walker’s Fatal Lightning label in 2000. Screenings of the works include Dallas Video Festival, New Genre Festival (Tulsa, OK), and “Bureikounisuru” at Nipper’s Ginza, Tokyo
You can see samples of the videos here: