The Poool: Repetitive Stress (R.S.S.) – NTSC Color, Stereo, TRT- 4:41

Nancy Meli Walker- Digicam, Fetish Bird | Angie Eng- Video Stitcher | Benton C Bainbridge- Manipulatee | Hoppy Kamiyama- Noise Violin, Slide Geisha, Digital President | Naval Cassidy- Audio Panning

A catalog of tension inducing hand-to-machine motions, the train that got you there & a bird to take it out on. In R.S.S., the musician calls the changes.  The only rule guiding all players is that each camera move, hand motion, switcher or sound must be repeated (with slight variations) until the next change.  The colliding tempos between the video elements keeps the repetition unpredictable.

The Poool performed several audiovisual compositions at Postmasters Gallery in 1996, including “Repetitive Stress (RSS)”. The piece was also performed at Roulette Intermedium, Artists Space, Knitting Factory (NYC) as well as Milk and Uplink Factory (Tokyo). “RSS” has been screened worldwide, including showings in Hamburg, Tokyo, San Francisco, Dallas, Belgrade, and Porto.  “RSS” is collected on The Poool’s self-titled VHS album from the same year. “RSS” is in The Kitchen collection of the Getty Archives.

The scoring of RSS was discussed by Bainbridge in a lecture at Harvestworks for Ana Carvalho’s “Composition, notations and score for live audiovisual performance” event at Harvestworks in 2012