On Thursday, March 12, 1998 at 8:00 pm, THE POOOL performed a concert of live video as part of The Kitchen’s TECHNO PASSION Month.

Video makers Angie Eng, Benton Bainbridge and Nancy Meli Walker were joined by multi-instrumentalist Hoppy Kamiyama and synthesist/samplist Brian Moran and architects Liminal Projects.

THE POOOL performs live video, an emerging medium of composed and improvised video art played in real time. Props captured with video cameras are processed by computers and layered with video mixers. The audience witnesses the transformation of commonplace objects into a four dimensional collage which radiates from screens flanking the stage. Bringing the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of cinema on stage simultaneously demystifies the process and re-invests video with surreal energy.

THE POOOL premiered “Parascape”, a video and music composition exploring the emotional and abstract qualities of bondage and escape. Two protagonists are followed as they search for freedom. An abstracted insect is born into captivity and undergoes metamorphosis to find abundant food and imagined freedom in a maze of tunnels. A second journey of escape is followed through a human protagonist’s eyes and imagination, as pressures mount to inspire deranged fantasies and obsessions.

Benton Bainbridge, Angie Eng and Nancy Meli Walker met while performing with 77Hz, a live video group Bainbridge co-founded in 1991. After performing together in Barcelona, Meli Walker and Bainbridge formed THE POOOL with Eng in 1996.

THE POOOL performed in various East Coast and Tokyo venues including art galleries, concert halls and universities. Videos from their live performances have been screened in festivals, galleries and on cable TV in the USA and Brazil. On New Year’s Day, 1997, THE POOOL released a self-titled video album to the home market. THE POOOL’s videos are also distributed by The Kitchen.

Musicians Hoppy Kamiyama and Brian Moran co-composed and improvised the performance with THE POOOL. Hoppy Kamiyama is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer of Japan’s indie label God Mountain. He was a member of a long list of Japanese/American groups including Olivia-New-Ton-Jon, PUGS, FoMoFlo, and OPTICAL-8 who have toured worldwide and released dozens of CDs. In 1993, Kamiyama joined forces with Shigenori Hamanaka to launch the innovative God Mountain label to release Japanese progressive music including jazz, rock, alternative and experimental artists. Brian Moran is a dancer and sound artist who has been working in NYC since 1981. Moran curates “+/-“, an ongoing dancer, electronic music and DJ improvisation series in New York. Other recent projects include Operating System Bug, an electronic sound trio, and “Agonist/Antagonist”, a movement duet.

Liminal Projects (Set Design) is an experimental architectural studio exploring the overlapping boundaries of literary, artistic and architectural production. Their work includes building design, urban planning proposals, gallery installations and collaborative works with artists and writers.