TRIGGERS at Sonic Arcade: Subject to Gesture, Museum of Arts and Design

TRIGGERS in Sonic Arcade: Subject to Gesture at Museum of Arts and Design
September 14, 2017 – February 25, 2018

Benton C Bainbridge (with sculptural object by Aaron Cantor): TRIGGERS, 2000
Wood, plastic, felt, wire, circuit boards, pushbuttons, LEDs, inkjet prints, computer, media server, A/V presentation system, cables, 4.5 hours analog synthesized media art.

TRIGGERS is an interactive sculpture that contains 5 dozen videos crafted with analog synthesizers. Using techniques pioneered by video art’s first generation of artist/engineers, sound and image are made from the same signal to make abstract audiovisual songs. “Video Jukebox” style, viewers make playlists by pressing buttons, each with a thumbnail of one of the 60 vids.

TRIGGERS premiered at The Kitchen in December, 2000. TRIGGERS was selected by Mary Ann Kearns to show at Cambridge, MA’s Art Interactive gallery in the “Origins” group show from April 26-July 6, 2003, along with art by Steina Vasulka and others. In conjunction with the exhibit, Kearns curated the “Visual Improvisation Symposium”, which featured an audiovisual performance by Bainbridge (Video Synthesizer) with Walter Wright (Serge Synthesizer).

TRIGGERS was also presented as a pop up storefront installation at Chashama in Times Square during the chaos of September 11, 2001.

In the depths of a nasty New York winter, I spent January and February 2000 off the icy
streets, stuck at home with a broken foot. Thankfully, I had just finished piecing together a
crude system for home audiovisual synthesis . . . so lonely but not bored I used my solitary
confinement to make video songs for the people in my life I was missing, my inspirations.



Media art/system design: Benton C Bainbridge
Sculpture: Aaron Cantor
Software: Vidvox