"VHS Portraits: Paul D. Miller" (detail)

“VHS Portraits” (details): Alexandra Hollis, Cem Sever, Corinne Pulicay, Daniel Neumann, Daniel Pinchbeck, Edwin Munet, Israel Silva, Jacqueline Renée du Nord, Jamie O’Shea, Jason Pfeifer, Jeanne Angel & Zarah Cabañas, Jessica Lawson, Jocelyn Ladd, Katherine Keltner, Kathleen Forde, Kristin Lucas, Lindsay Howard, Louis Schwadron, Luis D. Rosado, MaDora Frey, Marko Tandefelt, Matthew Caron, Max Nova, Nicholas Karlovich, Paik Inhyuk, Pat Jones, Paul Amitai, Paul D. Miller, Ramsey Nasser, Robert Withers, Roddy Schrock, Sandflower Power, Suzuya Bobo, Tom Zafian, Tony Ruffo, V Owen Bush, Wiley Aker, Yael Kanarek

 From February 19 to March 2, 2013, Eyebeam alumnus Benton C Bainbridge made video portraiture of Eyebeam visitors using old-school gear. Lit by video projection, sitters were “painted” using hacked wedding video mixers and TiVos. Past results of Bainbridge’s project have been compared to the Andy Warhol film portraits in Chelsea Girls. The analog portraits were recorded straight to VHS T-5 tapes. Each T-5 was added to a stack of tapes that anyone could pop into a VCR to play.

“VHS Portraits” at Eyebeam | VHS Portraits” print edition on Saatchi Art

“VHS Portraits” (installation view – detail)


Prior to the Eyebeam video portraits, Bainbridge portrayed friends who came to his studio to celebrate his birthday. Here are details of those VHS recordings:

VHS Portraits (birthday session –  details): Alexandra “Alé GO-MezmeRise” Gomez, Tim Cowie, Eunice Kim, Luis D. Rosado, William Keefer, Corinne Tinacci, Benton C Bainbridge, Jiwon Choi, Dan Winckler, Ian M Colletti, Eric Barry Drasin

“I’m making video portraits of people painted in pixels.  By altering my sitters with video technology, I am marking them as members of an imaginary tribe. Tribe is a loaded word, but can be read positively as “… a social group with membership existing outside of recognized sovereign government”  This electronic art tribe (with projected “face paint”) isn’t preparing for battle. We just want to look gorgeous, lush, fun, fierce, or to audition an alter ego. “- Benton C Bainbridge