Benton C Bainbridge: Spring 2018 Update

At this moment in The Bronx, snow’s falling on the blossoms at New York Botanical Garden. As winter thaws, I have several shows to beckon you out of your home. ~Benton C Bainbridge, April 2018, The Bronx

Rue Bainbridge: Saw & Synth in decaying room
Rue Bainbridge: Saw + Synths at Wonders of Nature
with Akaliko x RE
Thursday, April 5 at 8 PM | $8

Gryphon Rue is back from London for a real-time media performance with Benton C Bainbridge. Gryphon plays musical saw through FX pedals while Benton makes live light drawings with Lisa Joy – Bainbridge’s lissajous instrument made from a modified antique videogame console. Here’s a teaser to get you ready for the show! Motion designer and live visual performer Akaliko adapts divergent processes, including hand-drawing and creative programming along with motion design strategies to make time-based media and interactive installations.

Benton C Bainbridge & Clebs: Homemade Bread, 2018 (detail)
Bainbridge/Clebs: Homemade Bread
Clebs debuts with an ethereal video directed by Benton C Bainbridge, portraying the duo as ghosts detected by malfunctioning surveillance systems. Weibel and Nazary were captured by specially enhanced cameras, then Bainbridge fed the duo through aura-enhancing devices that texture, colorize and warp to reveal their spirit energies. “…a glitchy wonder… ” -Paste Magazine

Held / Bainbridge: Pausa (CultureHub residency)
Held/Bainbridge: Pausa
Sampler Series at L’Auditori

Saturday, April 28 at 6 PM | FREE

The media art installation and realtime performance work Pausa is a collaboration by Benton C Bainbridge and flutist / composer Barbara Held. Pausa is presented in dual format at L’Auditori: as an audiovisual concert with quadraphonic sound and as an AV installation on multiple channels. In Pausa, the synthesized images and acoustic and electronic sounds are also cross-patched as control signals between the video and audio systems. A binary pattern generator creates rhythms, generating timbral variations in the sampled live flute parts, as well as controlling layers of abstract forms in movement.

Pausa was developed in residencies at CultureHub and Andrew Freedman Home. The show in Sampler Series is supported by SVA MFA Computer Arts Department.

Benton C Bainbridge: media artworks in Barcid Gallery (installation views)

2018 IV Annual Afh AIR group show
Barcid Gallery at Andrew Freedman Home,
The Bronx
Reception TBA. Viewing by appointment (please use the Contact Form on this site)

Benton C Bainbridge contributes work spanning this millennium and premiers a new interactive installation (Handmade, 2018) in the annual exhibition of Artists in Residence at Andrew Freedman Home.

Benton C Bainbridge / Intersection Arts: One Step Beyond at American Museum of Natural History

One Step Beyond
American Museum of Natural History
Friday May 18 from 9 PM to 1 AM | tickets

#OneStepBeyond is on hiatus in April. Join us in the Hall of the Universe on 18MAY18 for the penultimate event of Season 11!

photos: Luis D. Rosado